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Windows and doors are an integral part of every home in Edmonton and have high functional and aesthetic value.

This makes it important that you choose the best quality of products from renowned installers like us. We install high quality state-of-the-art vinyl windows and steel/fiber doors which add immense visual appeal to your homes as well significantly reduces your energy bills by helping maintain indoor temperatures.

Windows And Doors Company

Our Signature Products

Awning and Hopper Windows

These windows open vertically either inwards or outward. They create full ventilation while preserving the view. Awnings can be opened in the rain. Awnings are hinged on the top, while casement windows are hinged on the bottom. Tight seals, great ventilation, and easy cleaning.

Casement Windows

When you have a tall narrow opening and you want the benefits of ventilation and tight seals (often with a crank mechanism) then casement windows are a great choice. Casement windows require clearance outside the window and can really catch the wind.  They are easy to clean.

Fixed Windows (Bay and Bow Windows)

Fixed windows are free from hinges or mechanics.  They are great for areas where you are bringing in the light and do not need ventilation through the window. We offer fixed windows in all sizes. These windows are affordable and extremely low maintenance.

Pivoting Windows

Great for spaces with limited clearance. Easy to open and let in the fresh air, these windows only require half the clearance to open.  They are also lightweight and it doesn’t require a lot of strength to operate.

Double Hung Windows

For decades, the mainstay for Canadian homes has been the hung window. Easy to maintain, these windows offer a great balance between ventilation and functionality.  These windows require no clearance to open, and they are relatively easy to clean.

Sliding Windows

When you don’t have a lot of vertical wall space and you want to fill a room with natural light, the slider is a great window choice.

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