You probably look at them in your home every day. But there are many things you might not know about the windows on your property. To help provide insight on the value windows and window space can bring to the average Canadian property, this post highlights 10 things every property-owner should know about windows.

10 Things You Should Know About Windows

They account for 15% of the average home’s wall space.

15% of your home’s wall space is taken up by windows. This means it’s imperative they look their best!

Light-colored shades reduce solar glare.

The latest data shows that light-colored shades help limit solar glare by as much as 43%.

Low-e glass can help reduce costs.

Many homeowners are now harnessing low-e glass coatings to reflect heat and reduce their energy expenditures each month.

Aluminum frames offer strength.

You can use windows with aluminum frames to bring strength and limit maintenance requirements for the window space.

Casement windows assure ease of use.

You can add casement windows to your home to ensure windows are simple to use. They’re ideal for use over sinks and countertops.

Energy Star-certified windows drive efficiency.

The latest Energy Star-certified windows can help lower your energy bill by as much as 15% and drive energy efficiency throughout the home.

Vinyl windows are a great low-cost option.

If you’re looking to reduce initial expenditure, vinyl windows offer the perfect affordable choice for the modern home.

Self-cleaning glass is perfect for the busy homeowner.

Companies across the industry now offer windows with self-cleaning glass, designed to minimize the amount of cleaning required and keep your home in optimal condition.

Homeowners typically get 73% of their investment on windows back.

When it comes time to sell your home in the future, know that homeowners typically get as much as 73% of their investment in new windows back from the sale.

Condensation could be a signing window need to be replaced.

Condensation between panes of insulated glass could be a sign that windows will need to be replaced. This is a sign that windows are leaking and allows air from the outside into the home.

By working with our trusted window experts, you can improve your understanding of the latest products and select windows ideally designed for your home. To learn more about the latest windows, speak with our office team now.

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