Are you looking to fall in love with your home all over again? This is a simple thing to do with a few updates or additions to your current decorating style. If you have recently traveled to Europe, chances are you fell in love with the style and the feel of the continent and are wanting to incorporate several European touches into your home. Adding elements of home decor from Europe is becoming more and more common in North America, and here are a few tips if you are trying to do this to your home.

10 Tips for adding a European Flair to your Home Décor

1. Change the Paint

Using a colour palette from Europe in your home will completely change the feel of the room and even the house as a whole. The simple change of paint color can make a room feel more romantic, warm, and homey without having to change everything about the house. Rich colors mixed with neutrals like white or tan will spice up the look and make you feel like you are in Italy while sitting on your couch.

2. Add Wood Beams

Many people have fallen in love with the modern, farmhouse feel of wooden beams on the ceiling. Adding this simple touch will make your home feel more rustic like the farmlands and villas of Tuscany. Adding beams will transform your home into a rustic European farmhouse and adding a few other modern decorations will have you and your guests feeling like you are in a new home altogether.

3. Change the Light Fixtures

Most people who buy new homes don’t replace the light fixtures right away and usually, end up having the same builder-grade lights that have always been there. Updating light fixtures will transform the look and feel of the room instantly. Purchasing light fixtures that are handmade is a big trend in Europe. Murano Island, an island off of Venice, is known for its glass light fixtures. While they are a little pricey, adding a Murano Glass fixture to your kitchen or entryway will bring the European vibes you are looking for to your home.

4. Change your Windows

Much like the light fixtures, most people keep the builder-grade windows in their homes for years and years, until it is absolutely necessary that they are replaced. In Italy, the architecture and, inevitably, the windows, are a huge statement piece to a building or a home. When it comes time to choose the windows for your new home, or updating your existing home, look for a window that includes a European design to make a statement.

5. Window Decorations

People are often looking for ways to cover the window and keep light from shining through. In Europe, however, they look for ways to enhance the appearance of the window or ways to make a statement themselves. The use of a fabric shade is often seen. Roman shades help give the home a Mediterranean feel and are a popular way to add the foreign flair people are looking for.

6. Tiles, Tiles, Tiles

A trend that is growing in popularity is the incorporation of ceramic tiles in the home. People are using them to update their backsplash in the kitchen, on the floors, in showers or bathtubs, and even as a visual enhancement to the floors. There are several tile shapes and patterns that originated in the Mediterranean that will update your home and help you make a statement.

7. Update the Flooring

One of the most popular flooring choices is to use wooden floors throughout the house. To make your wood floors feel even more like they were taken directly out of Europe is to place them in a herringbone pattern throughout the house. This type of flooring is very welcoming to visitors and makes your house feel more sophisticated and put together.

8. Add Arches

Well, you might not want to add them in every single entryway, but to add an Italian flair throughout your house, try adding arches. Arches used to be popular until the modern squared-off entryways took over. When done properly, your arches will make a bold statement without looking outdated or out of place.

9. Show your Plumbing

Most people want to hide their ugly plumbing under a cabinet or behind the sink, but in Europe, they have the plumbing exposed in most instances. Exposed brass plumbing is popular in Europe and will work great if you have a sink that is hanging from the wall. Don’t hide the pipes and knobs, instead show off the beauty and interesting design that goes into making the water freely flow from the sink.

10. Decorate with Souvenirs

When you travel to different places, purchase items from around the world that can be used for home decor. These pieces will be great conversation starters and a great way to update the home. When you have pieces of different places you have visited, you are able to bring those memories and experiences to your home and enjoy them all throughout the year. Having a painting from Italy or a coffee table decoration from Germany will make your home feel more sophisticated and you will feel more like you are in Europe while sitting in your home.

Making your home feel more like Europe is a fun process and you don’t have to break the bank while trying to achieve a new look. You will feel like you live in the country you love when you wake up feeling like you are in Italy or Greece. There are ways to update the inside of your house, as well as the outside.

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