Windows are an integral part of the character and design of your home or building, and finding the right window replacement services is a critical component of any improvement project. Along with having to consider the need for energy efficiency and the range of window styles and designs available, you may become overwhelmed with the number of replacement contractors claiming to be the best in the industry when selecting the most appropriate contractor to work with.

3 Questions To Ask Your Window Replacement Contractor

When looking for a company that offers window replacement services, you should try to identify whether they offer:

  • Quality, Energy Star products
  • Energy-efficient products that meet your climate requirements
  • Excellent service
  • Custom design and professional installation
  • Fast turnaround
  • Reliable warranty – have been in business for decades

To find out these things, here are some questions to ask the window replacement dealer:

  1. Where is the company based? Many companies today have a good web presence, so a simple web search of the company’s name should let you know where the company is located and its area of operation. It is important to work with a company that is based close to you as you can enjoy faster response time and superior service, and your experience could create a good opportunity for a positive review or testimonial to help the company to attract new business.
  2. Does the company have the necessary licenses or credentials? You should find out whether the company is licensed to carry out window installations in your city or region. Check for licensing requirements with your local authorities before approaching the contractors. A professional license is different from a business license. A professional license is important as it implies that the contractor has passed a test for skill and professionalism in the trade.
  3. Does the contractor carry insurance? A good contractor should carry both workers’ compensation insurance and comprehensive liability insurance to protect you and the installation team in the event of an accident. Simply ask the contractor to see their certificates of both types of insurance before the job starts. Keep in mind that other kinds of insurance, such as auto, health, or life insurance, cannot protect you from losses should an incident occur. In addition, a company that carries the right insurance will be more expensive due to the high premiums.

Final note

You can find a reliable window replacement contractor through recommendations or testimonials from an online search. But replacing your windows is a big and expensive home improvement project that will, hopefully, not need to be repeated for decades. So take your time to interview your top picks before choosing one.

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