One of the most noticeable things, when you walk into someone’s bathroom, is the window. Installing a new shower window is not as straightforward as it might seem. Below are 4 considerations to keep in mind when installing a new shower window.

4 Consideration Before Installing A New Shower Window

Style and theme

Anytime you are thinking about making a change to any room in your home, you should always ask yourself if the new change is going to conflict with the current style of the room. The bathroom is no different. If you have a traditional-looking bathroom that utilizes traditional colors and decoration schemes, you don’t want a window that is going to clash with that style.


The main thing when it comes to the placement of a shower window is making sure that it is out of range of the shower spray. If you hire a window installation service to help you out, this is something that all professionals will know right away. If you are thinking about undertaking the endeavor yourself, just know that a window that constantly receives moisture from the shower spray is going to quickly become a window that is covered in mold and mildew.

Shower curtain across the window

Instead of having a regular curtain on the shower window, or possibly even blinds, you might want to consider opting for a small shower curtain that you can slide across, to protect the glass from water spray. These small curtains can be found at most home stores and go a long way to protecting your shower window.

Go with the pros

Window installation services are usually your best bet when you don’t have any experience installing a window. Getting the job done right the first time is well worth what you’ll pay a window installation company. This is especially important in the bathroom, where you want to make sure that the window is installed correctly to ensure proper temperature regulation at all times.

Installing a new shower window takes some care and if you don’t know what you are doing you are best off calling in professionals. If you take your time and use common sense, you will ensure that your window is well placed, looks great, and is protected from water damage.

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