Installing your own windows seems simple enough, right? You take a couple of measurements, choose your windows, fit them in tightly, apply some caulking, and voila! Brand new windows that you saved yourself a bunch of labor costs on. This is a fallacy that a lot of people buy into, and while it is not always necessary to hire window installation services if you have the time and experience to do an installation yourself, there are a variety of reasons why it makes sense to call in the pros. Below are 4 reasons to avoid DIY window installation.

4 Reasons To Avoid DIY Window Installation

Wrong size windows

It is important to know that most replacement windows you buy in your lifetime are going to be custom-made. They are manufactured to spec based on your measurements as well as the installation method you choose. You can’t simply walk into the home and garden store, buy something off the shelf and expect it is going to fit. Often there is a no returns policy on windows. Once you’ve left the store with it, it belongs to you.

Poor installation

While installing a window, even a small window, on paper might look like a snap, in reality, there is a reason that people pay window installation services to come in and do it for them: it’s a much more involved process than it looks. Getting the window to fit snuggly in the frame, with proper seals, the correct insulation and the trim back securely in place takes quite a bit of practice to get good at. If you end up installing the window incorrectly the first time, you not only have paid for the window, bought supplies, and wasted your time, you now have to pay someone to come in and do it a second time, correctly.

Voided warranty

Most window manufacturers expect that someone with training and know-how will be doing the installation. They will often void the warranty on their product if it hasn’t been correctly or professionally installed. If the window is in an area of your home where leaks and water damage have the potential to wreak havoc and cost you a ton of money, anything that occurred because of a window that you incorrectly installed yourself might mean that proper insurance won’t be covering any of the damage.

Poor insulation

A good window, especially if you are installing an energy-efficient window, should not end up making regulating the temperature in your house harder than it was before. If you are replacing a window and don’t get the insulation right, you may find yourself with a spot in your home where drafts are able to enter at will. This may result in not only an uncomfortable temperature in your home, but it might end up costing you your energy bill.

Hiring window installation services expert to make sure that your window installation service is done right the first time makes a lot of sense, both practically and financially. If you are still unsure whether you want to attempt that new window installation on your own, consider the 4 DIY blunders above and make sure that you know what you could potentially be getting yourself into when going it alone.

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