When choosing energy-efficient doors and windows, you want something that is not only going to minimize your carbon footprint and save you money on your energy bills every month but something that is going to look great as well. There are many different types of window patterns and styles of windows to choose from, and some go with certain looks better than others. Below are four common types of window patterns to consider when you are thinking about new energy-efficient doors and windows.


Colonial and Cape Cod Styles

These windows are typically double-hung, with six individual panes of glass divided by muntins on both the bottom and the top panels of the window. They are very traditional looking and go great on character homes or vintage homes. The squares are typical all the same size, and the patterning is very symmetrical.

Prairie Style

Prairie-style homes typically have casement-style windows with grid patterning along the sides, and a small square pane in each corner. The center part of this window patterning is typically plain and presents a very smooth, unbroken feel that looks great from the street, giving your home a very clean-cut image.

Traditional Cottage Farmhouse Style Window Patterning

This style of window is neat and simple. It is generally just two panes of glass that are separated by a muntin at the top and bottom of the sash. This type of patterning is meant to convey simplicity and elegance. This design is meant for functionality.

Victorian and Neo-Victorian

If you are looking for more elaborate patterning on your windows, then Victorian and neo-Victorian designs are probably going to be appealing to you. Diamond patterned grids at the top of the window with a plain full glass panel at the bottom end are typical patterns from the Victorian era. Many of these windows also have small pieces of colored glass within them so that they reflect the light and add an aesthetic appeal to the style other, simpler windows don’t have.

Choosing the right window patterning depends on your taste and on the style of home you have. Some patterns and designs look good on specific kinds of homes and clash with others. If you are thinking about upcoming energy-efficient windows and doors projects, and want to ensure you are choosing the right window patterning for your home, keep the above considerations in mind, and invest in windows that function well and look amazing.

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