Winter is a boring time of year if you don’t immerse yourself in the season — decorations are a good way to embrace the beginning of the change in weather before the skiing, snowboarding, and the skating season starts in earnest. Decorating your door will help you to get into the spirit of the upcoming holidays, so take the inspiration below and make it your own.

Wreaths, Wreaths, and Wreaths!

The wreath is a classic decoration for the winter season because it’s so versatile. They can be:

  • homemade or bought
  • fancy or rustic
  • fresh or artificial
  • heavily decorated or simple

Hang your Favourite Ornament

Ornaments large or small can be stuck to your door using self-adhesive hooks that are easily removed after you’re done with them. That means stockings, calendars, felt and wooden ornaments can be used to decorate your front door. Other options include:

  • Christmas bulbs
  • gingerbread men
  • angels

Celebrate with Nature

Even though the types of flowers available in the winter become a little boring, there are still plenty of fresh cuts to be used. Spruce, pine, and fir are the usual choices, as they can stay green for weeks while giving off a lovely scent. Holly is a great accompaniment as well, which you probably know as the cluster of red berries surrounded by pointy, flat leaves. Using this combination will give you a standard base, which you can build on with pine cones and other additions.

Poster your Door!

If the usual decorations are too boring, then it’s time to get creative. Snowflakes and snowmen are so easy to make using paper that you could finish designing your door in an afternoon from start to finish. All you need is a book of construction paper, scissors, and a printer to help you out. For a fun family project, have your children channel their inner artist and go wild with glitter and glue.

5 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Door This Winter

Winter Lights

Christmas lighting can come ready-made in familiar shapes, like stars, reindeer, or Santa Claus. You can also buy a string of lights and make your own interesting creation to dazzle your neighborhood.

The main entrance to your home is part of the house that everyone can see from the street. Have a door that’s worth decorating this season, and don’t forget that front doors are also part of keeping your family safe as well as warm. Visit our door section online to see what’s in store.

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