It seems that every time a new report is released about the Canadian real estate market, the prices of homes continue to soar. With a wide range of beautiful properties in rural and urban settings, paired with brilliant amenities and technological features, you can save money, time, and much more!

7 Outside-The-Box Things To Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, here are a few things you might want to consider doing first:

Installing New Windows

The home will be more energy-efficient, allowing you to increase the listing price. At North Tech Windows, all of our windows are certified by Energy Star and BBB rating. This will help you to lower your energy bill by helping you to lower your energy usage during the winter months, as well as to gain during the warmer months.

Upgrading the Kitchen

If you have the budget to upgrade your kitchen, you might as well get it done. The kitchen is pretty much one of the top sellers in a lot of home sales. If you have an updated kitchen, people are more likely to take a second look. A kitchen is an important place in the house, as we often spend a lot of time cooking, talking, and cleaning up in there. Even if you aren’t able to do a full renovation, just some basic upgrades can go a long way. Painting and new cabinet hardware are affordable ways to spruce up this very important space in your house.

Find a Tech-Save Real Estate Agent

Find someone who knows how technology can work for both of you. They need to know about your neighborhood – what homes are on sale, what they are selling for, and how quickly they are taken off the market. By having the right person on your side, you are able to use the right tools to sell your home.

Come up with a Good Marketing Plan

This might sound weird but when you think about it, selling a home is like selling a product. If you use a good marketing approach, you are able to advertise your product, grab people’s attention, and eventually get them to buy what you are selling. Are you going to have signed on your lawn promoting your sale, or will the information only be available online? Speak to your agent about the best way to market your house.

Declutter Your Space

We can’t stress this enough. If you declutter, you will actually be able to see what space is available for use. When potential buyers come to look at the house, it will make it easier for them to envision it being their home, with less of your personal effects hanging around.

Get Some Landscaping Done

Put in that interlocking paving, and add some new flowers and plants to give your home curbside appeal.

Pool Time!

The summer months are always nicer when you can beat the heat in your own in-ground pool. It’s an investment, but it’s worth it if you think it will be good for your family and see the value for future families.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what “out of the box” means but if you are looking to install new windows – we are here to help!

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