Windows today are not just designed for energy efficiency but also for natural lighting. Windows are well designed for lighting; this reduces the need for artificial lighting, thus saving you money and energy. The manner in which windows are positioned also plays a crucial role in the design, and there are various places you can position them.

7 Windows That Bring In Natural Light

South Facing Windows

These windows are great for letting in maximum light during the winter. The days get shorter during this time, so it’s good to get as much natural light as possible.

North Facing Windows

These windows are efficient because they allow a moderate amount of sunlight without the glare, retaining as little heat as possible so that you can enjoy the summer months.

East And West Facing Windows

While these windows provide excellent light penetration in the morning and evening, they can cause glare. Also, they are not as energy-efficient and can cause heat in the summer months.

If you get creative enough in the design phase of your home, you can turn many parts of your home into a natural source of light without having to use your lightbulb in the daytime.

Floor To Ceiling Windows

This window design lets in maximum sunlight, and if it is positioned correctly within the home, it provides all the natural light you will need.

Rooftop Windows

Roof windows are another clever way to bring natural light to your home; they place your room in the best position to receive the light that comes from above. If it is positioned correctly, glare will not be an issue.

Hallway Windows

Hallway windows make glass an alternative to mortar when constructing a hallway. Glass allows natural light to flood into the hallway, allowing anyone to walk without having to turn on the light switch in the daytime. If you are facing a garden, it also gives a good view, connecting the inside environment with the external environment.

French Doors

Although technically doors, they still act as windows, allowing light into your home (unlike regular doors) and are much more elegant.

The best windows for lighting are those that are both well designed and well-positioned in the home. If you are not sure what type of windows are best for you, then call us for a free consultation. We have a suite of windows you can choose from that allow maximum light while conserving energy.

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