Are you dealing with a leaking window every time it rains? Leaky windows can be troublesome, especially if you have not resolved the issue. It can lead to structural damage, mold, and mildew issues as well as sacrifice your furniture and other items.

What are the causes of a leaky window? And can you fix it? When is it time to get replacement Edmonton windows? Read the following article to find out how to resolve this issue before it becomes a serious problem.

What Causes Leaking Windows?

A Leaking Window: Causes, Solution, and Prevention

It is crucial to identify the cause of the leak before attempting window leak repair. Here are some of the top causes of leaky windows:

  1. Improper installation
  2. No overhang
  3. Damaged glass seal
  4. Poor caulking
  5. Windows are not sealed properly
  6. Windows are not level

How to Fix Window Leaks Before They Cause Serious Damage

There could be a lot of reasons why your windows are leaking. If you have an older home in the Edmonton area, chances are you might need to replace your windows. Older windows tend to warp and rot after prolonged use. Simply upgrading to quality vinyl windows could resolve the leaking window issue.

Here are some simple DIY fixes for window leak repair. If none of these seem to resolve the issue, contact your local windows company to have them come out and inspect your windows.

  1. Clean any dirt, dust, and other debris from the weep holes located in the bottom of the window frame. You should be able to do so using a small wire.
  2. Inspect the window sill. The bottom should slant downward to allow water to pitch outside the home instead of inside.
  3. Make sure that the gasket between the frame and window glass is properly sealed.
  4. Strip away and replace any damaged caulking. Be sure to thoroughly clean the window frame before replacing the caulking.

How to Prevent Leaking Windows

  1. Leaks do not always have to come directly from your windows. They can enter the home via the chimney, room, or house siding. Water can follow a path from the ceiling joints and/or wall studs until it eventually hits the window frame, causing an internal window leak. To prevent this, you should inspect the caulking around your fireplace, exhaust pipes, chimney, and siding. Replace any damaged or missing shingles on your roof and make sure that the siding on your home is tight and secure.
  2. Inspect the caulking both inside and outside your windows. Make sure the seal is continuous without any cracks. Replace any damaged caulking to ensure that your windows are both airtight and watertight.
  3. Make sure that the drainage channels of your slider and hung windows are not filled with dirt, dust, dead bugs, leaves, and so forth. This can lead to water pooling, which can cause leaking windows.

Tried all the above and still have issues with a leaking window? Give us a call at NorthTech Windows and Doors. We can send out an expert member of our team to inspect your windows and determine if window replacement is needed. We will provide you with an estimate and consultation at no cost to you. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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