Like all homeowners, you probably want the best look for your property. However, many people neglect ventilation and choose aesthetics over function, especially when it comes to windows. Luckily there is is a best-of-both-worlds scenario where you can have gorgeous awnings that actually provide shelter from the elements and allow for proper ventilation.

With NorthTech Windows and Doors, you can have it all, or as we say, “Have it awning.”

Awning window

What are Awnings

Awnings are special windows that are designed to protect the home from the sun or intemperate weather – which we experience a little too much of in Canada. This specific type of window is not to be confused with metal or canvas awnings you would see used to shade a patio or deck.

Those are actually overhang devices that can retract and are not composed of the same materials as the window awnings NorthTech Windows and Doors provides. Our awnings are state-of-the-art window systems that allow for energy efficient insulation and ventilation.

The benefits of Awnings

As with any window, awnings let natural light into the space they’re installed in. When you let natural light into a room, you can use it to heat a space and use less electricity during the day because you won’t need lamps to light the area. Awning windows are often substituted for casement windows in smaller rooms because they are more adept at ventilating tinier spaces. Our awning windows are designed to insulate as well and can keep cold air out in the winter.

Furthermore, when installed in a basement or attic, awning windows can play the role of an emergency exit since their design allows for easy front opening.

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Save Energy with an Awning Windows Canada

Like all our product lines, NorthTech Windows and Doors’s awning windows are Energy Star rated and perform well against the rain, snow, sleet, cold, wind and ice that Canadian winters throw at us.

Awning windows can be used in tandem with fixed windows in order to create a dramatic picture window or they can stand alone. Because they work on an easy-to-use crank system, our awning windows do not require electricity to operate unlike patio or deck awnings which need a pulley or computerized system (in the same vein as a garage door) to open and close.

Why Choose NorthTech Windows and Doors

If you’re looking for awnings to compliment your home or simply wish to replace outdated ones, NorthTech Windows and Doors can help. We are your one-stop window shop for beautiful windows and awnings that stand up to our harsh Canadian climate.

We can create custom windows for any space that are not only practical but energy efficient and stylish. For more information about the installation of our energy efficient awnings and how they can create the perfect ventilation system for your home, contact us today.

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