Adding windows to existing walls is a great way to brighten rooms and increase the value of a home. Many homeowners think that creating new window openings is difficult and expensive. However, it is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. Here are some tips on how to create new window openings in existing walls.

Benefits of Installing a New Window Opening

Installing windows in your home has many benefits, including:

  • New windows allow natural light into a room, eliminating the need for frequent use of lighting. In addition, natural light has many health benefits, both mental and physical.
  • Views of the surrounding nature. Mountain views, forests and manicured backyards are much more interesting than plain walls.
  • Windows add value to a home, so investing in additional windows now will pay off over time.

High-performance, energy-efficient windows can also save you money on your electricity and gas bills.

Factors to Consider

There are a number of things to consider when installing new window openings in your home:

  • Permits and approvals may be required before adding openings to windows. Different states and regions have different regulations for new windows and doors in homes. Always consult and follow your local building code.
  • It is necessary to determine whether the wall where you want to put the window is a load-bearing wall. Cutting through a load-bearing wall can compromise the structural integrity of the house and cause it to collapse. However, it is possible. Consult a reputable window replacement specialist to assess the situation and make recommendations.
  • You also need to choose the type of window you want to add. Bay and bow windows protrude out from the wall, allowing more light into the room and making the space appear larger. However, these windows can be difficult and expensive to install.

Finally, when adding new window openings to your home, it is best to hire a professional window installation contractor. Cutting through the wall without adequate preparation can damage the home’s electrical system, plumbing, ductwork and insulation.

Windows and Window Replacement in Edmonton and Alberta

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