Deciding on the perfect windows for your home shouldn’t be a struggle. With NorthTech Windows and Doors Edmonton, you’ll get professional installation and expertise, and of course, the perfect windows for your property.

Instead of settling for boring, traditional windows, why not try our custom made casement ones? We’ll create beautiful casement windows that match your taste and compliment your home. Casement windows offer many advantages over their conventional counterparts and are perfect for ventilating any room.

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What are casement style windows?

Casement windows are common in many households because of their stylish look and range of functionality. They provide clearer views and can come in pairs or singles within their frame.

Casement windows are attached to their frame by hinges and held open through the use of a casement stay; a support system that locks your window in place so it isn’t affected by wind no matter how heavy. They are made with triple glazing, Low-E argon gas chambers, and warm edge spacers to provide the highest level of insulation. Casement windows are also easy to clean because they rotate, allowing you to clean their inside and outside without the use of a ladder.

How do you open a casement window?

Casement windows are very easy to operate. With a crank, lever or cam handle (essentially a lever that is easy to grip and hold on to), you can open and close your casement window as necessary. These cranks do not need to be oiled and will never stick in place. Because they are placed around hand height or at the window’s top or bottom in the casement stay, they can be used to lock the window in place.

Casement windows stay open even when it is windy due to the this locking mechanism. Windows of this type that are hinged at the top are called awning windows and the ones that are hinged at the bottom are referred to as hoppers.

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Why is this type of window considered optimal for ventilation?

Energy efficiency is key with any window replacement or installed in your home which is why casement windows offer the perfect way to conserve energy and ventilate at the same time. Our Energy Star rated casement windows provide natural ventilation during the summer months because they can open outward or angled to let in direct breezes. You may not even need an air conditioning unit which will not only save energy but also money.

During the winter months, our casement windows seal tightly to keep cold air out and lock hot air in. Again, this will save you money on your heating bills since our windows do not allow for hot air to escape. Casement windows can also be made to open inward depending on your taste; however, it is when they are made to open outward that you get unobstructed airflow to cool your home on a hot day.

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