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    If you have been thinking about upgrading your windows and doors Dawson Creek, there is no better time to call NorthTech Windows and Doors. We take pride in supplying and installing highly efficient Energy Star® windows and doors throughout the entire city and surrounding areas. 

    The weather in Dawson Creek is extreme. Winters are harsh and summers are dry. It takes superior windows, great customer service, and experienced window installation experts to protect you and your family from the elements. NorthTech Windows and Doors has the professional experience and high-quality products to deliver and install windows and doors Dawson Creek. 

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    North Tech Windows and Doors in Dawson Creek

    Common Reasons to Replace Windows

    Most homeowners only think about their windows when they break or another issue arises. The truth is, there are plenty of reasons to replace windows and doors Dawson Creek. Windows Dawson Creek from NorthTech provides luxury, energy savings, and a whole lot more.

    • Visual Upgrades

    You are going to be amazed at how drastic a difference Dawson Creek window replacements will make on your home, inside and out. New windows hold their shape and keep their color for years. This gives your home the appearance of being clean and very well maintained.

    • Curb Appeal

    Prospective home buyers form an opinion about your house the second that they see it. The front door and windows play a major role in your home’s overall appearance. Dawson Creek windows replacement will definitely put your best foot forward and help fetch the largest bid when it’s time to sell your home.

    • Comfort

    New windows and doors in Dawson Creek will make your living space more comfortable. Modern window frame designs allow more natural light into your rooms. Energy efficient manufacturing ensures a steady indoor temperature and successfully protects you from noise pollution. 

    • Maintenance

    Older windows have the tendency to be difficult to open and close and look dirty no matter how often you clean them. Dawson Creek windows replacement solves these problems. Modern construction ensures that your replacement windows.

    • Energy Efficiency

    Our replacement windows are highly energy efficient. This simple renovation can successfully lower your regular energy bills and reduce costly HVAC repair and replacement bills by ensuring that your system is not overworked. 

    Exterior Doors in Dawson Creek

    Installing new exterior doors is a simple way to do a lot for your home. It’s always wise to invest a little time into researching new doors so that you arrive at the right decision. With the right combination of materials, hardware, sidelites, and decorative glass, and the right installation company you can give your home a beautiful upgrade. 

    If you are wondering if replacing your exterior doors is the right decision at this time, here are a few more benefits.

    Big Reasons to Replace Exterior Door

    A broken door is a very good reason to replace it. Cracked doors, chipped frames, and peeling paint are not only an eyesore, they are also signs that the weather is seeping into your home and inflating your energy bills.

    There are also several other great reasons to replace your exterior doors that you may not have considered.

    • security
    • curb appeal
    • energy efficiency
    • ease of use
    • maintenance

    New doors are built with superior manufacturing practices, making them substantially more secure. Innovative locking mechanisms are easy to use and highly effective.

    Your entrance door has the ability to define the entire look of your home. Choose from any door from NorthTech Windows and Doors’ catalogue and your home will appear strong, modern, secure, and clean to prospective home buyers.

    New doors come complete with air-tight seals and self drying technology. Special frame manufacturing direct water away from the door and frame. This prevents rotting and freezing so that everything holds its shape for decades and maintains the door’s weather efficiency. 

    Although our doors are built extremely solid, they are light enough for even a toddler to open and close without much effort. 

    The same attention to detail has been placed into every inch of our doors. Because of their superior design and manufacturing, minimal maintenance is needed. Some basic cleaning will keep your mechanisms working like new for years and the finish will keep its color. 

    Who We Are

    Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, NorthTech Windows and Doors has been providing industry-leading repair, replacement and installation services to Edmonton and the surrounding area for years. Our dedication to customer service and to getting the job done right the first time has made us a premier name for windows and doors in Western Canada.

    Now we are bringing that same success and proven formula to the community of Dawson Creek and soround area: Forth st. John, Camrose, Athabasca. We are committed to excellence and quality. We never leave a job site until our customers are 100 percent satisfied with the work we have done. Best of all, when you choose NorthTech Windows and Doors, you are getting a fair, competitively priced product, as well as a free initial consultation and estimate to discuss your concerns, our products and the price. Your window replacement Dawson Creek are a large part of not only your home’s street appeal, but how well regulated the temperature is and ultimately how comfortable it is to live there.

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    Our Products

    We are thrilled to offer the community of Dawson Creek our top-quality product line. All of our double- and triple-glazed windows are 100 percent lead-free and uPVC, and our fibreglass and steel doors are designed to be able to stand up to the toughest environments and impacts. Our windows are created using steel-reinforced vinyl, making them extra durable while not compromising on style and design. All of our products have passed energy ratings tests and are certified by Energy Star and BBB.

    Vinyl Windows

    Whether for new construction or replacement projects, we customize every window to the specific needs of the buyer. We supply Western Canadians with Vinyl Windows for over 12 years.

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    NorthTech Windows and Doors

    Exterior Doors

    With a wide variety of styles and colors customized to your needs, you’re sure to find the perfect new exterior doors system for your home at NorthTech Windows and Doors.

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    NorthTech Windows and Doors Exterior Doors

    Energy Efficiency

    When you do business with NorthTech Windows and Doors, you are not only investing in new doors and windows, but you are reaping additional cost-saving benefits as well. That is due to the above-mentioned energy ratings. All of our products are energy efficient, meaning that they help keep your home or business at an optimal temperature all year long. They keep the heat out during the summer and the cold out during the winter. This amounts to considerable savings (realistically between 10-25%) on energy bills, as well as less of a carbon footprint for you, which we love providing to our customers.

    Contact NorthTech Windows and Doors today at 250 784-6584 and speak to one of our customer service representatives about any and all of your window and door needs.

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