There are three reasons why a homeowner should consider door replacement services: to enhance your home’s security; to improve insulation, or to boost curb appeal.

How A Door Replacement Can Improve Your Home's Security

The security of your home is a top consideration in terms of ensuring the safety of your loved ones and valuables. Considering that doors are the primary point of access for burglars, getting a replacement door can help stop potential burglars from invading your home in the following ways:

  • Deterrence – this is the first line of defense. A strong and sturdy door and frame, good locks, translucent glass panes, and good security practices reduce the threat of burglary
  • Detection – if the burglar is unable to access your home through the entry door, they may be forced to try other options that raise alarm. For instance, breaking a window or smashing through the door will alert the public and neighbors.
  • Delay – whether the burglar is trying to pick a lock or smash a door, the longer it takes to gain access, the higher the chances of them getting caught. This may cause them to abandon and escape without gaining access to your residence.

Before you consider door replacement services, it is important that you first find out the weaknesses in your current door systems that need to be addressed with your new doors. Generally, door replacements offer:

  1. Strong and sturdy construction If your home has wooden entry doors, you may consider replacing them with new fiberglass or steel doors for security. When replacing the door, consider replacing the frame as well with new components, including heavy-duty hinges, a new door panel, a new jamb, and new multipoint locking hardware.
  2. Laminated glass panels Many doors, including front and back doors and patio doors, have glass panes that may expose your home to potential thieves in two ways: first, transparent glass exposes valuable items to onlookers who may be tempted to steal; and second, a burglar can break the glass to reach for the lock. Sliding patio doors are the most vulnerable because of their large windows. But they don’t have to be your home’s weak point if they are made from reinforced glass or strong plastic.
  3. Quality locks A skilled burglar can break through a poorly made lock in a matter of seconds, gaining access to your home. If you have recently moved into a new house, replacing the entire door and locks removes any weaknesses that the previous owners were familiar with. You can request the manufacturer to install a smart lock that automatically locks the door when you leave and can be unlocked with your smartphone or a numerical code. Also avoid leaving a spare key in all the usual places – on top of the door frame, in the mailbox, under the welcome mat, or in a flowerpot. Burglars are familiar with these tricks, and your home will still be an easy target.

Final note

Make sure to work with a company that offers custom door replacement services to ensure the right look and fit for your new door.

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