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    Fiberglass Doors

    With a wide selection of sleek and elegant fibreglass doors, it is simple and affordable to bring your dream entrance to life. Fibreglass is a durable material that typically does not warp, twist or rust; it can handle most climates, including extreme cold, perfect for the tough Canadian winters. As a poor conductor of heat and electricity, they provide excellent insulation in comparison to wooden doors. It also does well against damp environments, unlike wood, which could easily begin to rot. Fibreglass doors are versatile and require minimum maintenance.

    They come in a variety of finishes, styles, and sizes to suit both your home and your business. For those who are particular about the visual appeal of the classic wood door, the doors can be stained to appear like wood while still retaining the benefits of fibreglass. Resilient and made to last, fibreglass doors could be the missing piece to your perfect entry.

    If you are thinking about having a new door installed in your home or business, then look no further than North Windows Technologies. Thanks to our unparalleled customer service and dedication to quality, we have built a name for ourselves as one of the best in the business.

    Let’s face the facts: we live in Edmonton, which, while a city we certainly love, means we have to deal with some pretty harsh climatic conditions year round. When we install a door in your home, we keep this mind, ensuring that we are not interfering with your lives or your comfort. We agree to a time frame and are in and out, leaving you with a brand new door you can be proud of.

    Our team will arrive at your home or business on the agreed-upon date and begin their work immediately. Our door installation experts have decades of combined experience installing doors, so they know what they are doing and get down to business as soon as you give them the go-ahead. While installing your door, they will be mindful of maintaining peace and quiet in and around your home, as well as the fact that the project will be temporarily altering the internal temperature of the job site. They will let you know what to expect during the process, as well as what to avoid doing to ensure that the installation is a success.


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    Professional Doors Installation

    Your doors are an important component of your home or business, regardless of whether they are entry doors or internal doors. While your home’s exterior doors are usually much more robust — both in design and material — than the doors inside your home, the harsh realities of Edmonton’s weather and climate mean that exterior doors often need to be replaced. Whatever doors require replacement, when you do business with NorthTech, every job we do starts with a careful, and free examination of your door and the extent of the damage.


    Free Consultation

    We’ll send one of our qualified door replacement experts to your home or business for a free consultation. They’ll give you a clear idea of the work that needs to be done and what it is going to cost, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.


    Choosing A Door And Final Estimate

    Based on our suggestions, you can decide what kind of door you would like to replace your existing with. If the job requires a complete replacement and not just a repair, visit our store and peruse the wide variety of door styles and materials we offer.


    Setting A Firm Installation Date

    After the final estimate has been provided, one of our experts will take the final measurements of your door and frame to make sure that it’ll fit perfectly. You can then decide on an installation date that works for you.

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      Doors Replacement & Installation in Alberta

      For the convenience of our customers and homeowners throughout Alberta North Windows Technologies proudly serves all of the areas highlighted below.

      North Windows Technologies is the leading window and door replacement company in Alberta, and we are proud to serve:

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      Our business goal has remained the same for years - deliver the best value possible to our customers. That means manufacturing high quality products and selling and installing them for the fairest price in the industry.


      Highly Skilled Team

      Our team of professionals have extensive experience in the industry and strive on installing and replacing your doors with cleanliness and care from start to finish.


      FREE Consultation

      We understand that each customer has their own unique set of needs, considerations, and questions they need addressed. We take the time to understand what you want to accomplish and then we use this information to present you with a number of viable solutions that make sense for your home.


      Top Quality Materials

      All of our windows and doors have the Energy Star seal and provide maximum home insulation. Our products are energy-efficient and also feature advanced structural designs, high quality sealing systems and stunning styles – specially equipped to withstand any Canadian climate.


      Lifetime Warranty

      Our craftsmanship is why we can offer one of the best warranties in the industry. We trust the quality of our products because we manufacture our products with the highest standards for years to come.

      • When do I know that I need to replace my doors?

        The key elements to look for include: 1. Drafts and cold air are noticeably entering the home under and around the doors. 2. Doors don't properly open or close which may be caused by home shifting or just the doors becoming worn out. 3. The door frame, panels, or other features are noticeably rotting, peeling, warping, and otherwise in vulnerable shape. 4. If your main entry door is 20-25 years of age a replacement is probably imminent.

      • How long is the average installation job?

        The project length will vary depending on how many doors are being replaced. Many of our installation projects take one-day but larger jobs might require a number of days to complete. We'll provide you with a precise time estimate when we discuss your specific project.

      • Does NorthTech install doors during the winter months?

        Yes, we install our windows and doors all year-round and have styles and designs to fit all your needs.

      • What do your installers do with the old doors?

        NorthTech will remove all your old doors and associated debris from the job site. If for some reason you would like to keep the old windows and doors, just tell our installers the spot you would like them and we'll secure them there before we leave.

      • How do I care for my NorthTech Glass windows & doors?

        Keeping your windows and doors clean will keep them looking and operating like new. Only using mild non-abrasive soap and water on frames and doors as abrasive or acidic cleaners can cause permanent damage to frame finishes. A mixture of mild dish soap and water can be used to clean glass surfaces. Your screens can be cleaned using a soft brush, mild soap and water. Rinse all surfaces with clean water ensuring that no traces of soap or cleaner are left behind and wipe dry.

      • Should I replace my doors if I plan on selling my home?

        Replacing your doors can actually add value to your home and increase curb appeal. Door replacement becomes one less concern for potential purchasers.

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      “Our core values are committed to serving Edmonton and the surrounding areas with quality and care. Our stacked team of top window and door experts believe that each piece of material and each relationship we build should consist of the best craftsmanship and exceptional services.”

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