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Aesthetics are very important to any homeowner. With stylish windows from NorthTech Windows and Doors you can bring class and functionality to your home. If you’re looking for versatility and energy efficiency, we recommend the double hung option. Double hung windows can compliment any home’s exterior and interior and we can customize them to suit your tastes. Don’t sacrifice beauty for functionality. Our windows have both!

Double hung windows

What are double hung windows Canada?

Double hung windows are usually placed in areas where airflow is easily accessible, generally where the house’s interior connects with its exterior (patios, porches, sunrooms). Although, double hung windows can be placed anywhere in the home and are not limited to the aforementioned areas.

These windows allow for maximum ventilation and you can adjust the amount of air that flows in and out of your home. Double hung windows are perfect for the cold and hot seasons because they lock in warm air in the winter and keep it out in the summer allowing cool breezes to enter the home.

With our weatherstripping technology, your double hung windows can actually reduce your energy consumption since heat will not be escaping in the winter. Furthermore, you may not need to use an air conditioning unit or central air system in the warmer months since double hung windows replacement provide ample air flow, reducing your energy bill even more.

How do double hung windows work?

Double hung windows are made up of two sashes. These sashes are moveable panels that can tilt inward and move independently. Double hung windows also possess two locking mechanisms and strong frames that can easily accommodate their weight. This type of window is difficult to break due to their design and you can adjust the amount of ventilation you need to suit the room.

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Are these windows easy to maintain?

The problem with windows is that they can be hard to clean. You may have to hire an outside company to do it or if you have a ladder you can try it yourself. It can be very dangerous. However, with double hung windows from NorthTech Windows and Doors, you can easily clean your windows without outside help or even the use of a ladder. Because each panel on double hung windows tilt and slide individually, you can clean the outside of the window from the inside. This saves you time and money since you can clean your windows yourself without all the bells and whistles, or in this case a harness and a ladder.

NorthTech Windows and Doors provides our clients with stylish double hung options that are created to match their homes. For more information about our energy efficient window line and to inquire about installation, contact us today. Let us fit your home with beautiful new double hung windows that are easy to maintain and look great. It’s the best of both worlds, or at least the best of both windows.

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