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For those looking to enhance their home with new windows or replace existing ones, NorthTech Windows and Doors has many options. A very popular window type is the double slider. This contemporary option offers the perfect compliment to any room and looks great from the inside and out. We pride ourselves on our customer service and installation but we’re also able to customize each window unit we sell because in the end, it’s your home and you should choose what goes in it.

double slider windows

What is a double slider window?

Double slider windows do exactly as their name suggests; they slide. They can slide horizontally or vertically as their sashes slide left or right, allowing the window to open.

Double slider windows are found in all types of rooms, especially bedrooms since they not only allow light into the room, they offer ample ventilation. This type of sliding window is perfect for smaller rooms that can only accommodate one window, like a bathroom or home office. Furthermore, since double slider windows open easily without protruding inward or outward, they are great for areas that face walkways where overhanging/awning type windows would be problematic.

Lastly, double slider windows provide a great way to let fresh air into any room because they open easily and offer excellent airflow.

Are double slider windows energy efficient?

They sure are! In the summer, many people rely on air conditioning units or central air systems to cool down their homes. With double slider windows, you may be able to forgo your A/C altogether since this type of window allows air to flow in and out creating a cooling system. In the winter, double slider windows lock in heat making sure that none of it escapes leading you to lose energy. When you let NorthTech Windows and Doors install double sliders in your home, you may notice that your energy bills have gone down after a few months. You will use less heat in the winter because our products are Energy Star rated and built to combat heat loss.

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Do double sliding windows differ from single sliders?

Both types of slider windows have two sashes. However, it is only in the double slider window that both sashes open. This is the only difference between the two and the type of slider window you choose will come down to personal taste and window space available in your home. Since you will be customizing your windows with NorthTech Windows and Doors, we can help you determine if your rooms will benefit from a double slider units or singles.

NorthTech Windows and Doors will install gorgeous new double slider windows in your home so you can reap the benefits. Enjoy great views, better airflow and brand new windows when you choose us. For more information about double slider windows and our other products, contact NorthTech Windows and Doors today so a great view can be yours tomorrow.

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