Energy-efficient doors and windows do more than keep your home at an even temperature, they help the environment, too. By installing them in your home you’re doing a good deed for yourself and the planet.

How Do Energy Efficient Windows Help The Environment

Reduce Energy Consumption, Reduce Environmental Impact

When you install energy-efficient doors and windows in your home, you are reducing your energy consumption. Energy-efficient products are designed to lock the heat in during the colder months and keep it out when it’s warm outside. Without energy-efficient windows and doors, your home could be subjected to drafts, leading you to turn up the heat. In the summer, without energy-efficient products in your home, those same drafts that let cold air in during the winter will let it out when it’s warm, turning your house into a sauna. To combat this you’ll crank up your air conditioner and heighten your energy consumption.

Why Cutting Back on Energy at Home Is Beneficial

The less energy you use in your home, the more you’re doing your part to conserve the limited natural resources we have left on the planet. Because energy-efficient windows and doors do not demand as much energy usage as traditional windows and doors, your at-home power consumption will be lower. The less power you use, the better it is for the environment. Lower demand for energy means that power plants use fewer resources and we become less dependent on fossil fuels, which are becoming increasingly scarce and costly.

The Carbon Dioxide Conundrum

When you don’t have energy-efficient doors and windows in your home, you are contributing to airborne pollution. Carbon dioxide is an airborne gas that is a byproduct of fuel consumption. When carbon dioxide is released into the air it absorbs the sun’s heat and traps heat in our atmosphere. When we consume too much energy, excess carbon is released into the atmosphere and too much of the sun’s heat becomes trapped. This leads to abnormal weather patterns, rising temperatures, higher sea levels, smog, acid rain, and extreme natural disasters (hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding).

How Do Energy Efficient Doors and Windows Improve Your Home?

Besides their environmental impact, energy-efficient windows and doors improve air quality in your home. They also prevent the growth of mold and reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and insects that get into your house. Moreover, energy-efficient doors and windows don’t allow for drafts, help control condensation, and last longer than traditional doors and windows. Finally, energy-efficient windows and doors reduce your energy bills and save you money.

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