Exterior design plays an invaluable role in the overall perception of your home. It sets the elements of style, harmony and functionality of the dwelling. However, it is not just about choosing a color for the facade or laying tiles. Exterior design also determines the choice of finishes, structure and even the materials used in doors and windows.

Thanks to new technology and cost-effective options, such as window installation and replacing older designs with modern and smarter options, today you can personalize your exterior design without sacrificing functionality or cost-effectiveness.

Why is replacing windows and doors important?

The role of windows and doors in shaping the appearance of your home cannot be underestimated. Doors and double-glazed windows are what initially attracts the eye and are the first thing people notice.

They also play a key role in comfort and security: windows allow natural light and ventilation, while doors provide security and significant energy savings. Even a partial replacement of the windows in your house or apartment can noticeably improve the overall appearance of your home.

North Windows and Doors Technologies by Canglow, a leading window supplier in Alberta, performs replacement glass windows and entryways at interesting prices with a quality guarantee. Whether it be large glass entry groups or small Venetian triple panes, our goal is to help you create a beautiful and functional exterior that reflects your vision for your home.

Types of windows and their impact on design

Windows are the showcase of your cottage. Therefore, the choice of type, size, materials and location of the glazing can largely determine the overall look of the exterior.

Single and double glazed windows

Triple panes provide superior insulation, and offer additional benefits in terms of noise isolation and durability. Double glazing is often chosen to maintain an antique style or due to budgetary constraints.

Shape and size of openings

Panoramic double-glazed windows let in more natural light, giving the impression of space and showcasing a beautiful view of the park or yard. Smaller double-glazed windows, on the other hand:

  • accentuate the coziness and intimacy of a room;
  • help maintain privacy;
  • look cute.

Window frames

The choice of frame material plays a big role in the aesthetic feel of your home. Plastic with a wood finish adds a classic touch and goes well with country houses. Metal stylization looks stylish, modern and perfectly suits the style:

  • loft,
  • minimalism,
  • high-tech.

Plastic frames of white color – this is a classic that looks good both in apartments and cottages decorated in different styles.

Types of doors and their characteristics

Installing entry canvases is an important element of exterior renovation. Not only do they serve as access restrictors to your home, but they also have a significant impact on its architectural impression.

Front doors

Installing doors to the entrance plays a key role as it is the first thing people see when they approach your cottage. Doors need to be both attractive and functional, meeting the requirements in terms of:

  • durability,
  • safety,
  • insulation.

Balcony and terrace doors

The designs can come in swinging, sliding or French models, creating easy access to outdoor space and views outside the home. They also help to bring natural light indoors and visually enhance the interior space of rooms.

Materials and finishing

The materials, color, and texture of your doors can completely change the look of a building.

Glass & Metal

Replacing doors with metal doors is the right decision. Such models are very resistant to burglary and safe. Glass doors let a lot of light into the premises. They allow you to make the interior space of the cottage more open and welcoming.

Color & Texture

The choice of color and texture when replacing doors depends on the overall style of your home. Light shades can give a cottage a fresh and pleasing look, while dark colors add sophistication and solidity. Textures add depth, dimension, and volume, making your entry boxes more attractive.

Safety & Style

Security when installing doors is an important aspect. In addition to a secure lock, there are many innovative access systems that can make entering a home more secure as well, without sacrificing aesthetics. This could be entry with a smart home system, which allows you to open and close electronic locks using your smartphone.

Visual perception of safety

The visual side of security is also important. Strong, sturdy materials, and secure locks greatly enhance the overall impression of your home when it comes to safety and security. After replacing the doors, the house looks quite aesthetically pleasing.

At the same time, a strong metal box indicates strength and reliability, indicating to outsiders that it will be virtually impossible for uninvited guests to get into the house. Thus, the metal entrance door deters potential burglars.

Decorative lighting for windows and doors

To make the exterior as spectacular as possible think about installing decorative lighting. Lighting plays a fundamental role especially in nighttime home design. It not only contributes to safety and visibility, but also gives the cottage a magical atmosphere and allows you to highlight certain architectural features.

The right lighting can make a striking difference to the appearance of your home in the evenings. The use of contrast or LED lighting will emphasize the design of windows and doors, create soft and warm lighting or add a sense of coziness at night.

Door replacement options from North Windows by Canglow

We offer a range of high-tech, practical, beautiful doors that you can order with discounted prices and professional installation.

Steel doors

These doors are renowned for their durability and relatively affordable cost. In addition, they offer a high level of security and good sound and heat insulation. Steel models can be easily combined with modern and minimalistic design styles. North Windows and Doors Technologies installs metal doors tailored to your needs and design requirements.

Fiberglass door

Fiberglass models are different:

  • high durability;
  • excellent quality;
  • durability.

They are perfect for those who prefer the aesthetics of wood, but want to avoid the time-consuming maintenance associated with the cumbersome upkeep of wood boxes. Fiberglass models are adaptable to a variety of styles and décor, making them easy to fit into any home exterior.

Sliding doors for patios

Patio models offer an airy appearance, easy access to the outdoor space. They are ideal for homes with large gardens or the presence of a courtyard. Patio doors complement most cottage styles with their clean lines and simple design.

The large glazing area allows daylight to enter well, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms and saving energy. North Windows and Doors Technologies by Canglow carry out professional installation of sliding system doors, maximizing the use of space and natural light.

Our company ensures that every type of door is installed with all of your design, home protection and comfort preferences in mind. We understand how important it is to install doors in your cottage or apartment that are not only functional, but also match the tone and style of your home.

How to calculate the cost of installation?

The price of triple glazing depends on several key factors that determine its value. Glass panes come in different sizes and shapes, and their price directly depends on the chosen parameters. Products of large or non-standard sizes are more expensive. Smaller ones are cheaper.

The type of glass used also plays an important role. Energy-efficient, soundproof or safety glass may be a more expensive option. The thickness of the glass affects its strength and insulating characteristics. Thicker insulated glass units always cost more.

Glasses are available with different number of chambers, which affects the thermal insulation characteristics of the product. The more chambers, the higher the price of the model.

And remember that having additional options such as mounting brackets, vandal resistant coatings can also increase the cost of the products.

How to order?

We invite you to renew your windows and doors using the services of our company! Advantages of cooperation with us:

25 years warranty

We are confident in the quality of our windows and provide you with a solid warranty for years of worry-free use.

Discounts & Promotions

We always have special offers for our customers. Save money and get the best!

Professional installation

Our craftsmen will provide flawless installation of triple pane windows and doors, ensuring they are reliable and efficient in operation.

Transforming your home starts with choosing quality windows. We offer a variety of styles, materials and designs to make your home irresistible and comfortable!

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