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For many homeowners, using natural light as a way to illuminate any room is a priority. Sure, we have decorative lamps and light fixtures but why use those during the day if we don’t need to? With the cost of electricity and fuel constantly going up, there must be a way for homeowners to save money while also being able to light their homes. Don’t be left in the dark and let NorthTech Windows and Doors install fixed casement windows in your home so the sunlight can do what it does best: light your home for free.

Fixed casement windows

What are Fixed Casement Windows in Canada?

Fixed casement windows provide the perfect solution for rooms that require ample light. These specific windows are made to let in as much light as possible during the day. They are also perfectly ventilated and insulated keeping heat from escaping in the winter and allowing cool air in during the summer. Fixed casement windows are sometimes found in bay or bow windows but can also stand alone, like in a hallway or bathroom.

What is the difference between a regular casement window and one that is fixed?

The difference between the two types of windows is simple: regular casement windows open while fixed ones don’t. Casement windows have a crank function on their display that allow you to open them. Fixed casement windows use the same kind of frame as their regular casement counterpart but their crank is not functional. Both types of window appear similar and you won’t know the difference unless you try to open a fixed casement window.

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Why install a window if it doesn’t open?

It may seem like the whole point of a window is to be able to open it; however, some windows serve a different purpose.

Fixed casement windows are exclusively made to let in natural light. They are usually installed as part of a larger window unit, like a bay window, and are designed to let in as much light as possible while keeping heat in. They are energy efficient because they let natural light into the room to help heat it. They also lock in heat so it doesn’t escape which leads to lower energy bills. The less heating you have to use, the less you’ll pay in heating costs. Non-opening windows may seem like a lost cause but in the end, they are very effective and more than just ornamental; they’re energy efficient.

Fixed casement windows allow sunlight to pour into a room easily. They’re stylish and can compliment any home’s exterior and interior. For more information about NorthTech Windows and Doors energy efficient product line and fixed casement window installation, contact us. We’ll give you beautiful new windows that you and the sun will love.

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