Learning how to install replacement vinyl basement windows on your own can save you a lot of money because you do not have to hire a professional. First, you must make sure that you are equipped with the proper tools. You will need a crowbar and a paint scraper to start with. Updating your basement window can be a good way to ensure that your family has an exit in case of an emergency. If you see any signs of rot or water damage, it is a big red flag that you need to replace your basement windows.

Remove the Old Frame

The first step in replacing a basement window, or any window for that matter, is to remove the old window and frame. All window replacement tasks start with removing the old window and its frame. This is where you will need the crowbar. Prying the old window and frame out is not an easy task to accomplish, but the crowbar makes it a lot easier. After you have removed the window sash from the metal frame, you will need to use an angle grinder that has a metal cutting wheel to cut through the bottom of the window frame. You will need to cut all the way through the frame to the outside edge. Repeat this cutting process at the top of the window as well.

Guide on How to Install Replacement Vinyl Basement Windows

Prepare the Opening for a New Replacement Window

Once you have removed the old window and cut out the frame, you will need to clean up space. It is important to clean the area before you attempt to put in the new windows. Knowing how to install replacement vinyl basement windows means that you understand the importance of a clean workspace. Any concrete or sealant should be removed entirely before putting in the new window. You might want to consider wiping down the area with a sealer; though, it is not required. However, adding a sealer can be helpful.

Dry Fit the Window

The next step in learning how to install a window is to dry-fit the new window in place. Measure the gap that is located on the left and right sides. You might need to taper with the bucks if there is more than a quarter-inch gap space between the new window and the insertion area. Knowing how to taper the bucks is an important part of knowing how to install a window. When you cut the buck pieces, be sure to take away one-sixteenth of an inch to ensure a proper fit.

Final Step in Learning How to Install Replacement Vinyl Basement Windows

The final step in replacing a window in your basement is to seal the window. You can use a number of different types of sealants, but what is important is that the gaps are completely sealed. Without a proper seal, you will get drafts of air blowing inside of the cracks. Following these simple tips can make replacing a window in your basement easy and simple. Contact North Tech Windows and Doors to learn more details.

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