How To Make Your Property Attractive For Resale: Expert Advice

Thinking of reselling your home in the near future? Need some renovation tips to make your property attractive so you can have a higher return on investment.

Simple repairs or renovations such as a new roof or energy-efficient replacement windows can really boost the resale value of your home. Continue reading for tips from the experts on how to make your property look more appealing to potential buyers.

Tips to Make Your Property Attractive to Increase Your ROI

Use these tips from the experts to improve the look of your home to yield a higher return of investment (ROI). The home improvement cost will well worth a higher ROI on the sale of your home.

  • Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are one of the top-selling points with prospective buyers. All you need is a simple kitchen remodel such as upgraded countertops, new appliances, a new faucet, a fresh coat of paint, or even updated flooring. These minor renovations can help produce as much as an 80% increase in your ROI.

  • Bathroom Remodel

An updated bathroom can do a lot to make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Simply upgrading the bathroom faucets, flooring and plumbing can give your bathroom a new look, especially if the porcelain in the sink, toilet, and shower/tub is old and out of date.

  • Updated Flooring

One of the best ways to boost your ROI is to update the flooring throughout your home. Hardwood floors yield a much higher ROI than carpet. And if your current hardwood floors are looking worn, you should consider replacing those as well. Flooring is one of the first things potential buyers notice about the property.

  • Replacement Garage Door

In most homes, garage doors get a lot of wear and tear over the years, leading to issues such as dents and dings. This can detract from the curb appeal of your home. Installing a replacement garage door can do a lot to increase your overall return on investment.

  • New Roof

With the harsh weather conditions we experience in Canada, especially in the winter months, your roof takes quite a beating. Replacing the roof on your home can lead to as much as a 79% return on investment. Prospective buyers will not find a home that has a roof that has been damaged by water aesthetically pleasing. Nor will they want to throw a lot of their money into repairing or replacing a leaky roof. New roofing can boost the resale value as well as improve the curb appeal.

  • Front Door Replacement

The front door is one of the first things people notice about a home so there is a lot to be said about curb appeal when it comes to selling your home. Something as simple as replacing your front door with a door with sidelights or safety lights can make your property attractive and appealing to potential buyers. Sturdy exterior doors with secure locks will give them peace of mind when it comes to home safety.

  • Window Replacement

Window replacement can greatly increase your return on investment. Buyers are willing to spend a bit more on a home with newer, energy-efficient windows such as vinyl windows. They know that their home will be protected from the elements and the idea of low energy costs is always a plus. As well, aesthetically pleasing windows with window grids or other features can do a lot to boost the curb appeal of your home.

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