How to Measure a Window for Replacement: Step by Step Outline for Edmonton Area Homeowners

If you are like most homeowners in the Edmonton area, you prefer to take on as many home improvement projects on your own as possible. This includes measuring your windows for window replacement. But do you know how to measure a window for replacement to ensure that you are ordering the correct size windows?

If you do not measure your windows accurately, they will not fit into the window frame. You will then have to measure them again and reorder your windows Edmonton. Having to reorder your windows will not only take more time, but you will also incur greater costs for your window replacement project.

To prevent this from happening, follow this simple guide on how to measure a broken window for replacement. If you follow these steps, you will have no issues when it is time to install your new windows!

How to Measure A Window for Replacement

What You Will Need:

  • Slide Rule
  • Tape Measure
  • Paper and Pencil or Pen
  • Step Ladder or Ladder

TIP: Always measure twice to ensure that you are getting the correct information! We cannot stress enough the importance of getting each and every one of the following measurements as accurate as possible to ensure that your new windows will be the right size!

Step 1: Window Width

Using the slide rule or tape measure, accurately measure the window from the bottom, top, and middle, carefully recording each step as you go. If you hesitate to record the number, you may inadvertently mix them up and end up with the wrong size windows.

Do not forget that you need to keep the width of the tape measure in mind when making your calculations. Always measure from the frame and jamb of the window as opposed to the extension to avoid improper recordings.

Step 2: Window Lining

Next, you will record the measurement of the window lining. If you are unable to reach the lining to get an accurate measurement, it is acceptable to use the industry standard, which is ½ inch. Most window liners are composed of aluminum or plastic

Step 3: Window Height

The best way to measure the height of the window is to measure first the left side, then the middle, and finally the right. Measure from the highest point if you are replacing your vaulted windows.

Step 4: Window Depth

This last measurement is crucial. Measure the depth of the window at least two times to make sure that your numbers are 100% accurate. An error in this step will result in the wrong size windows and you will have to start the process all over again, which is both costly and time-consuming.

Contact NorthTech Windows and Doors if you need more assistance on how to measure a window for replacement. We can send out a member of our team to assist you with both measuring and ordering your replacement windows. Call us today for a free quote for the most energy-efficient and stylish windows in Edmonton.

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