How to Replace a Window Sill: Practical and Useful User Guide

Not many of you may know what a window sill is and how to distinguish it from the window frame, let alone how to replace a window sill. However, it is one of the essential window components that are prone to damage and rotting. If you notice that the sill begins to rot and stops to function well, it is best to change it. Luckily, you can do it on your own within a few hours. All you need is a professional guide at hand.

According to the definition that window manufacturers Edmonton provide, a windowsill is nothing more than a piece of wood that runs from the inside to the outside of the window. One of its main functions is to add to the general exterior of the window. That is why when it starts to disintegrate, it begins to look anything but appealing, and it is advised to replace it straight away.

Window Sill Replacement

A windowsill is indeed an essential element of the window exterior, and it is best to replace it when it loses its appeal. Besides, the process is not that complex so that anyone can succeed with it having the required tools at hand.

Take the Sill Out

Any replacement process starts with old detail elimination. To take the former seal out, you should start with breaking the sealant that surrounds the sill. You can use a knife and a hammer to succeed with the task. With the help of a pry bar, you can pull the sealant off from the frame. Using the same pry bar, you should also get rid of the trim material, but you should not throw it out since you are going to need it when the new sill is installed.

Get Rid of Any Debris

If there is any debris found on the window frame, you can use a knife to scrub it off. Some solvent and sandpaper will come in helpful when it comes to removing the caulk leftover.
You should pay attention to the rot. If it is not that widespread, then you can apply some epoxy mixture to the frame. It will seal all the gaps and will keep them in one piece for a long time.

Measure The Sill

Use the old sill to figure out what the new one is supposed to be like. Measure the old sill and transport the measurements onto the board the sill will be cut out from.

Cut The New Sill Out

When you have all the measurements correctly transported onto the wood board, you can start with the cutting. Using a jigsaw, cut your new sill out. You can make the new sill a little bigger than the old one so that future leakage will be prevented.

Put The Sill in Place

In case the sill you cut out seems to be perfect, you can put it in place to see if it is really so. The sill should be fixed with the help of drilled holes and screws. However, you should be careful when drilling so that the window frame does not crack in the process. When the screws are in place, it is best to cover them up with the caulk left from the last sill.

Finish Off With a Caulk Layer

The caulk should be applied with the help of a caulk gun. It is advised to have it around the window edges. Leave in on to settle for about 24 hours and then fix the trim.
It is common for a wooden sill to rot or to become infested. However, the replacement process is nothing to be scared of. You can succeed with the task within a few hours, and a new sill will not only look more appealing. It will also prevent further leaking, which matters greatly too.

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