Windows are hugely important when it comes to the comfort, beauty, and atmosphere of your home! With properly situated windows, in good condition, you can maximize your space and the effect of natural light on it. On the flip side, old or damaged windows can make for a darker, and dingier-looking space. You may be amazed at the huge difference new windows can have in your home. But how do you tell if it’s time to replace your windows? Here are a few indicators:

How To Tell If Your Home Needs New Windows

It’s Drafty

Over time, windows become thinner and allow for more drafts to get into the house. Additionally, frames and sashes can become loose, letting air in. If your home is drafty, you may see that reflected in your heating bill. You can seal around the window frames for a temporary fix, but if you’re experiencing drafts, the only long-term fix is to have the windows replaced entirely.

You Can See Condensation

If you can see condensation between your double or triple-paned windows, that’s an indicator that the seal isn’t working as it should, and moisture is getting in between your window panes. This may appear as actual, visible condensation, or as a white film or fog. Either way, if condensation is getting into your windows, they need to be replaced.

Your Windows Won’t Stay Open or Closed

If the balance is off with your windows, they may slam shut or be hard to open. This can be caused by a lack of balance in the window frame, or by a rotting or rusted window frame. A window in good condition should be easy to open and shut, and should stay whichever way you want it to!

They Look Aged or Damaged

Sometimes it’s easy to tell if you should replace your windows! Window frames and sashes that look like they’re rotting or otherwise damaged are a pretty good indicator that it’s time for new windows. If the windows themselves have stains, chipping, or other signs of deterioration, that’s also a pretty good indicator they need to be replaced.

At North TechWindows we offer exceptional window repair and installation throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area. If you suspect it’s time for new windows, give us a call today! We can assess the damage during a consultation, and let you know what kind of work needs to be done. Contact us today for more information.

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