Are you in the process of ordering replacement windows for your home? Are you undecided about whether to purchase single, double, or triple-pane windows?

Windows with triple panes have many outstanding benefits that make them a sounder investment than their double or single-pane counterparts. Continue reading to find out the pros of triple pane windows for window replacement.

4 Reasons to Invest in Triple Pane Windows

Outstanding Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

  • Outstanding Home Security

Is the safety of your family your primary reason for replacing your windows? As the majority of today’s windows are made with shatterproof glass, adding a third window pane will only triple the security of your home.

For added peace of mind, you can ask for windows with multi-point locking systems. Together, these extra features will protect your home from break-ins.

  • Reduce Noise Pollution

Do you live in an urban, high traffic, or otherwise noisy area? You will be relieved to find out that triple-glazed windows are an excellent means of reducing noise pollution.

The addition of the third window pane with an insulation glass (IG) unit in-between the panes of the window will greatly reduce the level of sound transmission, which can give you peace of mind if you reside in an area that is prone to loud noises outside your home.

  • Lower Energy Costs

Triple pane window replacement can lower your monthly energy costs by a wide margin. As they can be filled with inert gases, such as krypton or argon, they work to reduce the transference of hot and cold air between the window panes.

In addition, low-E (low emissivity) coatings can be added to triple pane windows to help keep your home at a steady temperate no matter what outdoor temperature may be. Not only that but low E coatings also help lower the amount of sunlight that comes in through your windows. This will help keep your walls, carpets, furniture, and other items from fading from exposure to ultraviolet light.

  • Prevent Window Condensation

Window condensation is the result of high humidity mixed with the water vapors on the surface of your windows. This can turn into frost during the winter. Both frost and condensation can greatly affect the insulation properties of your windows, which messes with the temperature in your home.

Due to the fact that they provide maximum insulation, triple pane windows can prevent condensation and frost from forming on your windows. This keeps your home nice and toasty warm during the winter and cooler in the summer.

Triple pane windows are indeed a wise investment for Canadian homeowners. They will last for many years while adding to the value of your home. In addition, they will provide enhanced security and lower heating and cooling costs.

Triple pane windows can be custom designed to match the look of your home. They are available in a large selection of shapes, finishes, sizes, and colors. Furthermore, they can be installed with decorative glass panels and equipped with stylish window grids to add a personal touch to your replacement windows.

Still not sure if triple pane windows are the way to go? Give us a call at NorthTech Windows and Doors. We can meet with you in your home to discuss options for your replacement windows and provide you with a free quote. Call us today for the best rates on energy-efficient windows.

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