If you’re looking to replace your old windows with something new and gorgeous, NorthTech Windows Edmonton has many options. We customize all our products to fit your tastes and our windows compliment both the interior and exterior of any home they are placed in. Picture windows offer a classy alternative to traditional single hung windows and are energy efficient. If you have a great view but have trouble accessing it through your regular windows, having our team install a picture window will fix that problem allowing you to enjoy a clear view of the scenery outside.

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What is a Picture Window Installation?

A picture window is a fixed window that is usually quite big and brings ample natural light into the home. Picture windows can run floor to ceiling or be part of a bay or bow window unit. Whether they stand alone or are part of a unit, picture windows do not open. The main role of a picture window is to let light in and help reduce a household’s energy consumption.

Picture windows are energy efficient since although they are inoperable they allow light to pour into a room leading you to use less electricity (or none at all) to illuminate the space. This type of window is called as such because it offers unobstructed views, just like a picture in a frame.

How are picture windows energy efficient?

Picture windows can feature slats to increase ventilation and are perfect for people who suffer from allergies. Since they do not open, picture windows will not let in airborne contaminates from the outside. They also help conserve energy by allowing natural light to flood the room. During the day, you will not be required to use lamps or overhead lights if you have a large picture window in the space.

In the winter, picture windows lock heat in making it impossible for cold air to enter. If you choose models from NorthTech Windows and Doors with Low-E glass, you know you are getting the most efficient picture window replacement model on the market. With heat loss minimized, you’ll probably notice savings on your monthly bills, especially when it’s cold out.

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What is the difference between a picture window and a fixed one?

There is a very minor difference between picture and fixed windows: the size of the frame. Fixed windows have larger frames and are made to match with the accompanying operating windows in their set. Picture windows have smaller frames and can stand alone. They can be used as accent windows in a smaller room like a bathroom or powder room. Both window types are non-operational, easy to maintain and offer unobstructed views. It’s just a matter of taste.

For unimpeded views of the scenery outside your house and to save on your energy bill, contact NorthTech Windows and Doors today. Let us install beautiful picture windows in your home so you can enjoy the view while conserving energy.

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