The windows are one of the most vulnerable elements of the home during home security incidents. This means, as a homeowner, you have to consider ways to protect your possessions by making your windows burglar-proof. Here, we’ll go over our advice for protecting your windows against intrusion.

A Quick Guide To Making Your Windows Burglar-Proof

Install Grilles

One of the leading options for protecting your windows is the installation of grilles. Grilles offer an additional layer of protection. This means that, even if the burglar gets past the glass, they still have to make their way between the grilles to access the home. For increased aesthetic value, many homeowners are now selecting grilles that have patterns on them.

Connect Security Alarms to Windows

Many homeowners have a security alarm connected to their front doors and yard spaces. These alarms go off if an unauthorized person enters these spaces. But most leave their windows unprotected by their alarm system. To ensure superior protection around the full perimeter of the home, connect all windows to the alarm system. This will ensure that you are alerted the moment windows are impacted.

Change All Pre-Installed Locks

The vast majority of new windows come with pre-installed locks. However, many criminals have found ways to create master keys that unlock locks from the leading manufacturers. To ensure the safety of your home and family, change all pre-installed locks to one of the many customized options available. It’s important to keep a copy of the key for the new lock where it will be available for emergencies.

Consider Plexiglas Options

Plexiglas is the same thickness as traditional glass windows and yet 10 times as strong. This means that homeowners can secure their window spaces by having Plexiglas installed throughout the property. Plexiglas windows are also substantially more impact-resistant than the leading window models.

Use Security Window Films

Security window films are window coatings that help to keep the system together if the glass is shattered. This will help secure the window space and prevent burglars from easily shattering the window and making it into the home. It’s an option suitable for all styles of home windows.

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