When choosing a locking mechanism for a front door, you want to choose the most secure and functional option possible. The two most widely used types of locks are a single latch or a deadbolt.

Should I Use A Single Latch Or A Deadbolt For My Door

What’s the Difference?

A latch is a spring-loaded bolt, with a locking mechanism located inside the doorknob, while a deadbolt is heavier and thicker, and usually located below the doorknob.

Latches are the most commonly used type of lock. They are angled at the end and are designed to retract when the door handle is turned.

Meanwhile, deadbolts are not angled at the end and extend deeper into the doorframe than a spring latch. Deadbolts can be controlled via key, but are also used with keyless devices.

The major difference between a deadbolt and a spring latch is that latches operate using a door handle or doorknob, while deadbolts do not. That’s pretty easy to remember!

Pros and Cons

Both types of locks have benefits and downsides. Latches are often easier to maneuver, for instance, they lock automatically while deadbolts require manual locking. Latches are easier to pick than deadbolts, which can make deadbolts the more secure option. However, this only works if you always remember to lock your deadbolt properly, which, due to the necessary manual steps needed to lock a deadbolt, may not always happen.

What’s the Best Choice?

Your choice of latch or deadbolt depends entirely on your personal preference. The safest choice though is a combination of the two. A deadbolt, which must be manually locked and unlocked, combined with an automatically locking spring latch can mean greater ease—for instance, you can unlock the deadbolt in the morning, rely on the spring latch throughout the day, and lock the deadbolt again before you go to sleep. It also provides greater security.

Perhaps not a great answer to the original question, but to sum up, you’re safer with both! Spring latches and deadbolts both have their own pros and cons, but combine to give you the best possible ease and functionality, while keeping your home as secure as possible.

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