Painting your windows can be a little trickier than painting other parts of your home. But there are a few methods you can employ to make the task a little bit easier.

Tips And Tricks For Painting Your Windows

Remove the Grids

If it is possible, remove the window or mullion grids since they don’t necessarily have to be painted. If you do want to paint them it will be a lot easier if they are detached from the windows.

Use a stiff brush

It is better to use a stiff brush to allow for more precision. This would be especially useful when painting your window sills.

Apply a lubricant to the windows

To prevent paint from settling on the glass it is good to use some form of lubricant. You can apply Vaseline or another product known as Chap Stick. When you are done painting the window, any paint that fell on the glass can be easily wiped away. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a lubricant, then just employ a good old-fashioned scraper.

Experiment with gel oil paint

Gel oil paint may not be the easiest to work with but it does give a pretty shiny finish once you are done. Just make sure to mop up any excess paint.

Use Q Tips

Because window painting can be a rather delicate procedure it is always useful to have Q-Tips. They can easily reach what regular brushes can’t, and they are good for putting a finishing touch on tiny cracks and crevices without affecting the wall paint. Try to get the pointy ones as they allow for much more precision.

Use consistent colors

Make sure you have enough paint to do a given job. Paint color can actually vary between cans (even if they are actually the same) so you should make sure that you use the same can for the project you are working on.

Push as you paint

Use a pushing motion while painting to prevent the paint from running down and looking like drips. Drag the paint slowly and let the bristles cover the area thoroughly.

Avoid using tape

It is best not to use tape to avoid getting paint on the glass of the window. Instead, just scrape the paint off as mentioned earlier. In addition to this, make sure to leave the paint that lies between the wood and the glass, otherwise, the wood can be exposed to moisture and rot.

Place a rubber band around the can

Place a rubber band around the can so you can use it to wipe off excess paint rather than the rim of the can. That way you can easily put the lid back when you are done.

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