Turning a Window Into a Door for a Patio or Balcony

Have you considered converting that window in your sunroom to a patio door? Wouldn’t you love a balcony in your master bedroom? What do you need to do before turning a window into a door?

Of course, you will want to purchase the door materials from reputable windows and doors Edmonton company to ensure that you are getting quality products.

Turning a Window into a Door: All You Need to Know

The following article will show you how to replace window with a door for a patio or balcony.

Check To See if You Need a Permit

You should check with your local municipal office to see if you need a permit to cut into the wall. If your existing wall is cut downward, it may not require a permit. But in the event that you need to make the opening larger because it could involve reinforcing or replacing the wall or removing wall studs. You might also have to rewire the electricity, which means hiring an electron to complete the job.

The good thing about getting a permit is that the work will be done in compliance with the guidelines of the area in which you live. As well, it will ensure that the overall structure of your home is safe and sound.

Electrical Work May Be Needed in Some Cases

As mentioned above, if the area in which you are turning a window into a door contains electric outlets and/or wiring, you will need to enlist the help of an electrician. This way you can be sure that all the wiring is in correct once the conversion is completed to avoid any future issues with your electrical work.

The Drywall May Need to Be Replaced

As the opening for a door is typically larger and wider than that of a window (unless you have a picture window) you may need to have the drywall replaced or repaired once the installation of the patio door is complete. This also depends on whether you are getting a garden door, french door, or sliding glass patio doors installed as the sizes will vary.

You Should Hire a Contractor to Do the Job Properly

It is best to hire an experienced contractor to do the job. A windows installer is great when it comes to replacing windows and doors, but they are not usually trained at cutting through concrete. Some may have experience with stucco or siding but it is still best to go with a contractor.

It is advisable to have the hole for the new door cut the same day as the windows company is installing the new patio door. This will keep your home from being exposed to the elements for longer than necessary.

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