If you need extra living space in your home, consider installing a sunroom or solarium. Sunrooms and solariums are a great way to bring elements of nature into your indoor living space and you can enjoy them in all seasons. However, there are differences between the two that you should be aware of. Here are some pros and cons of solariums and sunrooms.

What is a solarium?

The solarium is an extension of the house made entirely of glass. The walls and roof are made entirely of glass, with metal frames and beams for structural integrity. The solariums are designed to let in as much natural light as possible.

Solarium pros

Solariums provide an unobstructed and clear view. If your garden overlooks a scenic area, such as a mountain or lake, a solarium can be ideal. Similarly, at night you can watch the stars through a glass roof. You can enjoy all the visual elements of the outdoors while being protected from insects, wind and rain. In fact, solariums can be used as a thermal room all year round, as they allow maximum light to enter.

Solarium cons

Glass is more expensive than other building materials, which makes solariums more expensive to build. They can cost almost twice as much as sunrooms. Many solarium owners build custom-made louvers on the walls and ceilings to block some of the sunlight.

In addition, glass is not the most energy efficient material, so it takes a lot of energy to keep a solarium warm in winter and cool in summer, resulting in higher energy bills. Also, solariums require more maintenance than sunrooms. Someone has to clean the glass inside and outside. Glass roofs can get dirty with bird droppings, tree sap and fallen leaves.

What is a sunroom?

Sunrooms have lots of windows, but not all of them are made of glass. They are an added value for your home and allow you to welcome guests and relax without worrying about inclement weather.

Sunroom pros

Sunrooms are cheaper to build and easier to maintain than solariums. They are also more energy efficient with insulated walls and roofs. As a result, sunrooms cost less to heat and cool than solariums.

In addition, the sunroom can also be used for access to the outdoors. This is because many sunrooms have large sliding doors that open onto patios, porches and gardens.

Sunroom cons

You won’t get the spectacular view or the dazzling sunlight of a solarium. You will feel more like you are inside the house than outside.


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