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    End Vent Sliders
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    Starting from $280

    If you’re looking to install a bay or bow window in your home but simply don’t have the space, North Windows Technologies recommends the end vent slider instead. These windows bring class and style to any home and are often more economical than their bay and bow cousins.

    Bay and bow window replacement project outwards and may not be suitable for all properties. However, end vent slider windows work on just about any type of home and can be installed easily. They are also the preferred choice for builders when it comes to the construction of new homes since they have the appeal of regular casement windows but with additional ventilation.

    This particular type of window is installed when you’re looking for a sliding window but the available wall opening is wider than 72”. End vent sliders make use of operating sashes at either end of the window unit that tilt allowing for easy cleaning. In fact, since you don’t need a ladder and can clean your windows from the inside making your end vent sliders easier to maintain, they’re also safer. End vent sliders let you flood any room with natural light so you can reduce your energy bills. You don’t need to have lamps or lights on during the day and the superior insulation we use on our window products keep cold air out in the winter leading you to use less heat.

    Moreover, because of the way these windows are manufactured with two venting units on each side of a larger picture window, they create a cooling breeze when opened during the summer months. You may not need to use an air conditioning unit or turn on your central air system when you install end vent sliding windows further reducing your energy consumption and costs.


    Of course you can! All our products are customizable and can be made to suit your taste. When it comes to your home’s aesthetic, you know best and we can create the perfect end vent slider windows to fit your property. These windows use slimmer frames which means your views won’t be obstructed. Think of end vent sliders as easy to maintain, stylish picture windows that are also energy efficient.

    If bay or bow windows aren’t an option, you can still get beautiful, custom windows that match your home’s inner and outer decor. Additionally, for those looking to upgrade their property’s existing windows, end vent sliders are a great replacement choice.

    For more information about North Windows Technologies line of energy efficient and Energy Star rated products, contact us. We can install stunning end vent slider windows in your home allowing you to enjoy cool breezes, great views, and even save a little money on your energy bills.


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    If you’re looking for windows or doors to compliment your home or simply wish to replace outdated ones, North Windows Technologies can help. We are your one-stop window and door shop for beautiful windows and doors that stand up to our harsh Canadian climate.

    We can create custom windows for any space that are not only practical but energy efficient and stylish. For more information about the installation of our energy efficient awnings and how they can create the perfect ventilation system for your home, contact us today.



    We provide window replacement and exterior door installation for new construction as well as existing residential projects in Edmonton and the surrounding area.


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      • Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the installation?

        There are just a few things you’ll want to plan for: 1. Someone must be home to let our installers into your home. 2. Make space available in your driveway if at all possible so our driver can park close to your house. 3. Clear furniture from the area near the location where your new windows and doors will be installed. Our installers will be happy to help you upon their arrival if you’re unable to clear the area beforehand, but we cannot be held responsible for any damages. 4. Remove all window treatments from the windows including blinds, shades, curtains, etc. 5. Turn off security systems if applicable.

      • How to measure a window for replacement?

        Measure the width between the side jambs at the top, middle and bottom. Measure all the way to the jamb and both sides and the middle and record the smallest measurement. Your objective is to buy a window that fits within that opening.

      • How much does window replacement cost?

        If you are deciding which new home window styles you are wanting to have installed, you may want to look at the different costs of each window style beforehand. Window replacement costs on average $280 to $750 per window installed based on the window type and additional features.

      • What should I look for when trying to determine if my windows need to be replaced?

        There are five key elements to look for: 1. Do you see moisture, condensation or fog between the panes of glass? If so, you probably have a seal failure. 2. Is your furniture or carpet faded from the sun's ultraviolet rays coming through the window? If so, you probably do not have Low-E glass that blocks the sun's harmful rays. 3. Do you have windows rated for your climate? Cold Canadian climates require higher ER ratings to increase energy-efficiency. 4. Do you struggle to open, close, or lock your windows? Poor operation means the window structure is weak and failing. 5. Do you see peeling or rotting wood around the window frame? If so, it’s time for a replacement.

      • How to install a replacement window?

        Vinyl windows are a common and affordable type of window to install in your home. How do you decide whether to replace your old windows? Learn your options, relative cost and effectiveness of repairs, and how to judge whether a window should be saved or thrown away.

      • What should I do if I have an issue with my new windows?

        The North Windows Technologies warranty covers 100% of both parts and labor. All you have to do is give us a call. We’ll come over and fix the issue with no questions and no hassles.

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