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    Cutting your energy bills is at your fingertips with replacement windows and doors in Grand Prairie. NorthTech Windows and Doors’ top priority is to make you comfortable with your decisions. We take the time to answer your questions, and to walk you through the process of choosing the best quality, best design, best price, and the most energy efficient windows and doors. With our help you can drastically improve the cost to heating and cooling bills as well as enhance your home’s appearance.

    Older windows begin to fade in colour, warp, chip, and otherwise deteriorate. They begin to get difficult to open and close, as well as clean, and they start to let the outside weather in. That’s how you know it’s time to start looking for an alternative. Say goodbye to scraping, sanding, painting, and other unnecessary chores with new vinyl windows from NorthTech.

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    Grand Prairie Windows & Doors Replacement

    Part of Grand Prairie home ownership is regular maintenance and protecting your family from the elements. Windows and doors are most definitely part of that routine, and with new vinyl windows not only will you be able to keep your home looking shiny and new, you’ll be able to keep your energy costs down, raise the curb appeal value of your home, and invite more light into the rooms you spend your time in.

    How is this all done? NorthTech Windows and Doors follows a solid manufacturing process that results in an HVAC-friendly, air-tight seal. We’re so confident about our windows’ construction and installation expertise that we’re able to offer a lifetime warranty. Today’s small investment offers value no matter how you look at it. Overall home value, energy bills, HVAC maintenance and replacing, and peace of mind are all receive noticeable improvements thanks to our work.

    Is choosing the best style and material for your windows the most important part? No, but you’re halfway there. The second part of the equation is to have your windows installed properly. Our window installation specialists know Grand Prairie. They’re your neighbours.

    Yes, we’ll help you select the window style that compliments your vision for your home’s appearance, and the material needed to satisfy your efficiency, security, and ease of operation needs. We’ll also install them in a way that a DIYer or online handyman simply can’t.

    Our decades of combined experience have taught us exactly how to install your replacement windows in a level, snug manner that won’t deteriorate over time and won’t allow the air or water inside your home.

    How do You Know when it is Time to Replace Your Windows?

    Knowing its time to replace your windows is easy, if you know how to look for the signs.

    The obvious signs are the desire to renovate home’s appearance for a real estate sale or simply to improve your living conditions, or your energy bills are clearly higher than they should be.

    The more subtle signs include struggling to open or close your windows, warped frames, chipped paint, faded colour, or an unwelcomed breeze that’s increasingly noticeable.

    Repairing the seal on your window will work for a short while, but at best it’s a temporary solution. For long term results, a complete window replacement is in order.

    How to Select the Right Window Style?

    Selecting appropriate window Edmonton is easy with the right guidance. Our experts’ free consultation will discover your personal taste and style, how much light you want coming into the room, how much visual space you want to introduce to your rooms, your level of mobility, and everything else that goes into how you dream your windows will look and function.

    You may not have realized that so much thought and attention goes into those squares and rectangles and you may feel that this could be a little overwhelming. Rest assured, our window experts do this every day and have the skills needed to ensure that you have a great experience. Our 10 Star reviews are a testament to this.

    Vinyl Windows Grand Prairie

    Whether for new construction or replacement projects, we customize every window to the specific needs of the buyer. We supply Western Canadians with Vinyl Windows for over 12 years.

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    Exterior Doors Grand Prairie

    With a wide variety of styles and colors customized to your needs, you’re sure to find the perfect new exterior doors system for your home at NorthTech Windows and Doors.

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    What are Other Benefits of Installing New Windows & Doors?

    You already know about the energy savings and the improvement to your home’s curb appeal that result from installing new windows and doors. While those are more than enough motivation to call NorthTech Windows and Doors and learn more about windows replacement, there are a couple of additional benefits to consider.

    One main benefit is security. It’s a touchy subject to discuss, but older windows don’t offer the same level of security as replacement windows do, especially if you choose the right style and material. Thicker frames, stronger glass, and more reliable closing mechanisms all add up to peace of mind.

    Another benefit is market value. If you’re planning on selling your home, naturally you’ll be thinking of hardwood floors, an updated backsplash, a fresh coat of paint, and maybe re-grouting the tiles. People often overlook their windows when it comes to home improvements. New windows let more light into your space, enhancing all the other hard work you’ve put in. They also improve the overall style of your home – both inside and out – and provide better views to the outdoors.

    In short, your home will look much better and potential buyers will have a much easier time envisioning living there.

    Financing Options for Windows & Doors Replacement

    If you want to pay for your replacement windows in cash or open up a line of credit with your bank, we certainly won’t turn you away. But, we realize that the majority of Grand Prairie residents don’t have that amount of cash just laying around.

    We offer financing to make things simple and manageable. We are constantly negotiating with lenders for the best rates and always make sure to offer a flexible payment plan.

    Once your financing is secure, your new window journey can begin. The process is easy. We’ll visit your home to consult with you about what types of windows you need and want. From there we perform measurements, choose the right manufacturer, combination of styles, and materials, and place the order.

    Once we have your windows in hand, we’ll return at a time that’s convenient for you and perform the installation.

    NorthTech Windows and Doors understands that you don’t want your life to be disrupted. We take care to perform the window installation as efficiently as possible and always leave your home clean.

    Everything that we mentioned applies to major renovations and new home development. We have a true passion for bringing new windows and doors to the people of Grand Prairie and would be honoured to be invited into your home for the purpose of enriching your life.

    Don’t be shy, ask us all the questions you can think of and we’ll be happy to answer.

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