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Start Fresh with High-Quality & Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors in Red Deer

Buying and installing new or replacement windows and doors in Red Deer has never been easier with NorthTech Windows’ 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We carry a wide selection of windows and doors specifically curated to meet your quality, aesthetic, security and efficiency expectations. Our team of window and door technicians have been doing this for years and understand the significance of taking the time to understand exactly what your concerns and needs are and finding the best combination of products to solve your problems.

  • Harsh Canadian winters making it expensive to heat your home?
  • Are you looking for a little more security?
  • Need windows that aren’t such a pain to open, close and clean?
  • Need more space to open up that kitchen?

We’ve seen it all, and will make sure that you’re well aware of every single pro and con that comes with your choices.

  • Excellent Reputation
  • Excellent Terms
  • Life-Time Warranty
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Hassle-Free Process
  • Window Diversity
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But choosing the right product for your home is only half the battle.

To make the most of your new windows in Edmonton or doors you’re going to want it professionally installed and the peace of mind that comes with a lifetime warranty. Our team of experienced professionals also knows how valuable your time is. We take care to

  •  Make scheduling easy
  •  Arrive on time
  •  Leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived
  •  Provide expert advice and service so that it’s a perfect experience

Your home is the biggest investment that you’ll ever make. It only makes sense to treat it to windows that fulfill your curb appeal vision and makes your day-to-day living more pleasurable.

Maintenance-Free Replacement Windows and Doors

Vinyl construction are the windows Red Deer residents prefer. Vinyl (high quality uPVC) replacement windows are much more energy-efficient than your current windows, they’re lead-free, they insulate better, and they’re virtually maintenance free.

Because of the multi-chamber construction, modern vinyl windows are resistant to moisture, fading, blistering, and only require a basic amount of cleaning to keep looking brand new for years to come.

Parents with kids will also love how impact resistant they are. That along with the enhanced curb appeal, indoor comfort and appearance, and new ease of use, spending a little now to save plenty every month just makes sense.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

All it takes is a quick “How To” YouTube video and you’ll be able to install vinyl windows yourself, right? We’ve seen people try and it’s not recommended.

A self-install inevitably leads to crooked or warped frames and drafts, or worse. It’s highly recommended that you protect your home’s investment with professional installation.

Decades of combined professional experience empower our team to install your vinyl windows accurately and quickly, and to overcome unexpected “DIY” obstacles. This is especially important when it comes to more vinyl bay or bow windows or other complicated situations. You may feel like saving a few dollars on window installation services is a good idea, but it’s nothing compared to the cost (both time and money) of having to tear things down and start all over.

If you’re still not sold on vinyl windows, consider all the modern advancements. Gone are the days that you have the choice of one or two styles in white. Today, you can choose from a wide range of frame widths and ornamentations, hung, casement, slider, and many other styles, and many new colours to match modern homes. If that’s not enough, our relationship with various manufacturers allow us to custom order almost any size and style with the same worry-free fusion-welded frames and sashes for increased strength and permanent air and water-tight seals.

All of this adds up to savings in several ways. Your home’s temperature stays consistent which is easy on your energy bill. Your furnace and A/C unit won’t have to work as hard, so they won’t need servicing or replacing as often, and designs and material are modern enough to keep up with any style and classic enough to fit with any retro design so they should last a lifetime.

Elegance, luxury, or simplicity. The choice is yours.

Vinyl Windows Red Deer

Whether for new construction or replacement projects, we customize every window to the specific needs of the buyer. We supply Western Canadians with Vinyl Windows for over 12 years.

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NorthTech Windows and Doors

Exterior Doors Red Deer

With a wide variety of styles and colors customized to your needs, you’re sure to find the perfect new exterior doors system for your home at NorthTech Windows and Doors.

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NorthTech Windows and Doors Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors Installation

Working with NorthTech Windows and Doors means you’ll never have to wonder about the materials used to build your replacement door or second guess the style you choose. We never skimp and quality to earn an extra dollar. Our business model and profitability relies on impressing you and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. It’s in our best interest to go out of our way to meet and exceed your expectations.

From front entry doors, sliding doors, garden doors, to fiberglass and steel entry doors, all our solutions are high-quality, energy-efficient, and installed with expertise.

This isn’t Kijiji. Our installation experts are formally trained and are provided with additional training and mentorship so that we’re sure you’re getting nothing but the best.

Why does that matter?

Save time with a professional consultation resulting in the right choices, the first time.

Save time with a quick and efficient door installation.

Save money with only having to do the job once.
Save money with energy efficient multi-chamber extrusion doors that other companies don’t have access to.
Save your mental health by working with someone Red Deer residents have come to trust, and will respect your time and home.

The consultation is where we shine!

If new windows and doors are part of a larger construction process, it’s wise to contact us as early as possible. Our first home visit will consist of measurements and consultation. From there, we can coordinate with you to ensure that additional measurements, removal of old windows, ordering, and installation are organized around your other contractors and projects. Giving us enough notice ensures that everything goes smoothly.

Contracts are involved so that everyone involved understands exactly what’s involved, and all work is performed by WCB-insured professionals. Red Deer loves how friendly and efficient we are in person, and how professional and reliable we are behind the scenes.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and we’ll meet you when it’s most convenient for you and make sure to leave you with our Windows and Doors catalogue and enough knowledge and time to make a comfortable decision.

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