Most people would agree that bare windows are not the best choice when decorating and trying to add flair to a room. Window treatments are able to add softness and fluidity to a room, not to mention serious curb appeal when looking in from the outside. If you are looking for window treatment ideas for 2018, below are four great ideas to help you start the new year off in style.



A valance is a small amount of fabric with a lot of personalities. They hang across the top of a window and add color, pattern, and softness. They are purely decorative, so they are not going to be keeping light in or out, but they are a great way to help establish the theme and style of a particular room in your home. These can be attached to a simple rod using clip rings, and if you want to add further detail, you can use pinch pleats.


A swag is a loosely slung strip of lined or unlined fabric that is draped over a rod or tieback at each top corner of your window frame. The middle of the fabric strip sags and acts as a valance. The ends, which are either hemmed or cut into opposing diagonals, run vertically down the sides of the window, framing it with color and style. Swags can be made from many different fabrics, ranging from simple to luxurious.

Tie-up Shades

These are sometimes referred to as stagecoach style shades, and they are an affordable, stylish way to add class and a bit of historic flair to a room. They hang flat from a rod or mounting board, and the bottom edge is then either folded or hand-rolled into the desired position. Fabric ties, chords, or ribbons hold this shade in position. When you want to adjust the shade, you have to untie it and then re-roll it back up by hand. This means that this treatment is much more decoration than functional, but can still be used as both if you are willing to put in a little extra effort.

Roman Shades

If you want to go for the luxurious look without having to handle yards of fabric, then the Roman shade is your best bet. When you close the shade, it looks like a simple flat fabric panel. When you raise it up, there are cascading, deep horizontal folds which give it a tidy, rolled-up look. There are chords that are strung through the back of the fabric which give the Roman shade its unique mobility.

Your windows can do a lot more than let light in and provide you with an opportunity for fresh air. With some creativity and careful consideration, your windows can add a lot of flair and charm to the inside and outside of your home. Keep the above 2018 window treatment ideas in mind this new year and give your windows the TLC they deserve.

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