Most new homes come with energy-efficient windows already installed. They help save on energy bills and are better at thermoregulating your house, keeping cold and hot air in and out of your home as required. Many homes, however, have older windows in them that aren’t energy efficient. If your home has older windows and doors, and you are looking for newer, more energy-efficient windows and doors, below are some ways that you can make the existing ones more energy efficient.

Can You Make Old Windows Energy Efficient

Seal the gaps

One of the main problems with older windows is that either they have not been sealed properly, or the sealing and caulking has worn away over the years and there are small cracks and holes that are allowing in the air from the outside. Once you find the leaks, use caulking or weather stripping to seal them up properly. If you can’t find the leaks, you can walk from window to window with a candle to see where the candle flickers from the draft.

Install double glazing

Double glazed windows are those that use two layers of glass separated by a layer of air. This is a great way to keep warm air in your house and cold air out, saving money on the need to heat and cool your home with air conditioning. Most older windows don’t have double glazing. You can add a layer of glass to existing windows in your home, but it takes some precision and know-how.

Upgraded window coverings

Window coverings are not designed to make the windows themselves more efficient. But they are capable of blocking out some of the drafts. You can also choose heavy curtains, especially thermal curtains, to help make sure that you are effectively thermoregulating your house while saving money on the energy bill.


If you are looking for the optimal solution, you are going to want to consider replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient ones. Old windows simply can’t compete with the new technology. These new windows are specially designed to regulate the temperature in your home in ways that old windows simply cannot. Talk to a window installation expert about getting energy-efficient windows and doors installed.

Install window film

Window film is another way that you can help add some efficiency to your current windows. Energy-efficient windows and doors are able to help minimize the effects of convection and conduction, meaning that your house, and the air in it, remain at a more constant, comfortable temperature throughout the day.

Energy-efficient doors and windows can go a long way to making the temperature of your home constant and comfortable. Newer energy-efficient windows are second to none when it comes to providing this, so while there are things you can do to existing windows to make them more energy-efficient, nothing beats the capabilities of modern energy-efficient windows.

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