At some point, we have all had to deal with, or are going to have to deal with, a stuck or sticky door. Over time doors and frames can warp and stop sliding together as perfectly as they once did. Whether because of weather or because of simple wear and tear, you might come home one day to find that a door in your home (whether inside or outside) will simply not open. You can call door replacement services to help you out of the jam, or you can attempt to figure it out on your own. Below are some recommendations for what to do when your door is stuck shut.


Run a Piece of Stock Paper Around the Door

The first thing you want to do before calling in the door replacement services is to try and diagnose and fix the problem yourself. You can do this by taking a piece of simple stock paper and running it along the edge of your door where it meets the frame. It should be able to pass through the gap, no problem until it meets the area that is the source of the problem. Now, at least, you know what part of the frame-door connection is causing the door to stick.

Apply Some Petroleum Jelly to the Hinges

The problem might simply be that the hinges have stopped working properly, not that your door is faulty, or needs to be replaced. You can massage some petroleum jelly into the hinges to see if some simple lubrication will at least allow you to get the door open, so you can better diagnose the problem.

Key is Broken Off in the Lock

If the key is broken off in the lock, there is not really much you can do, other than calling your door and lock specialists to come and help resolve the situation. There is no way you are getting through the door if your key just broke off in the lock. You might end up needing a brand new locking mechanism, depending on the damage and the complexity of the problem.

Attempted Break and Enter

Sometimes during an attempted break and entry, the would-be thieves will not succeed in gaining entry to your home, but they will do so much damage to your door trying to break in that your door is stuck shut, and you can’t get in. This is probably time to call in a door replacement service. Hopefully, your insurance will cover some or most of the cost. If you come home to find that your door has been damaged beyond repair and won’t even open, you simply have to resign yourself to the inevitable.

A stuck door can either be a minor inconvenience, or a huge problem. Try applying some of the above remedies yourself to see if you can DIY your stuck door. If not, there are always window and door experts available to make life easier.

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