When the time for windows installation in Dawson Creek comes, you will want to do everything you can to make the process go a bit smoother. It might be a bit of a challenge for you to attempt to install your replacement windows on your own, but there are a few things you can do to engage in the process. Of course, you get to choose what style of window you want, but you can also take the measurements for your new windows yourself.

Following is a guide to instruct you on how to correctly measure new windows. You will want to keep this on hand when the time to order new windows and doors in Dawson Creek comes.

Measuring for Windows Installation in Dawson Creek


Equipment needed to measure for windows replacement

  • Slide Rule
  • Step ladder/Ladder
  • Paper/Pencil
  • Measuring Tape

Step One: Take the measurement for the width of the window

Pro Tip: “Measure twice, count once” is the golden rule for taking measurements of any kind. This is especially important with measuring for window installation in Dawson Creek, as it can save you from having to reorder your windows should you measure incorrectly the first time.

Using your tape measure or slide rule, measure the window width at the middle, bottom, and top of the window. Write down each measurement as you take them right away so you do not mix up the numbers. Moreover, remember to take into account the width of the tape measure so as not to skew your results. Do not measure the extension that holds the window in place, from the window jamb and frame.

Step Two: Take the measurement for the lining of the window

The majority of windows are made with a liner (typically plastic or aluminum) that is used to insert the window jamb into the window on the vertical end). Be sure to keep this in mind when taking the measurements for your replacement windows. If this is not within a reaching distance, you may use the standard set by the industry, which is one-half of an inch. Follow the steps above to get this number.

Step Three: Take the measurement for the window height

Next, you will need to get the height of the windows. First, you will measure the height on the left side, then the right, and finally the middle. Measure high vaulted windows from the highest point to get an accurate measurement.

Step Four: Take the measurement for the depth of the window

This is perhaps the most important step in measuring for windows installation in Dawson Creek. Measure and record the depth between stops in front of the window frame. A lot of homeowners neglect this step, thus ordering the wrong size windows. As with the other steps, measure at least twice for accuracy. This can save you a lot of money and time with your window replacement.

If you are hesitant about measuring your windows on your own, you can ask your contractor or windows company to do this for you. It is essential to get these measurements precise. However, this guide should assist you.

Contact your local windows company if you have any other questions regarding door or windows installation in Dawson Creek.

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