It’s the time of the year when many of us are considering upgrades to our homes. Those small changes can make a big difference in the years ahead, and it’s why many are now upgrading the doors to their home. But before making the decision for your property, it’s important that you understand the benefits of each of the latest options. Our team has many decades’ experience helping homeowners choose the right doors for their property. In this post, we’ll explain the major differences between vinyl doors and fiberglass doors.


The Benefits Of Fiberglass Doors

Let’s begin with looking at fiberglass doors in closer detail. These systems have become highly popular across the market in recent years as a result of the many benefits they bring to the modern home. The benefits of fiberglass doors are as follows:

  • Highly durable

The durability of fiberglass doors is second-to-none across the marketplace. The material is reinforced, which makes it the optimal choice for environments in which the wind blows debris into the door often during the fall and winter months. The durability of fiberglass doors also makes the system the ideal choice for family homes. The door will survive the impact of being slammed by young children while providing the ideal aesthetic for years to come.

  • Lightweight performance

Another key advantage to consider when reviewing fiberglass doors is that they’re lightweight. This means they can be easily pushed open and closed when required by young children and the elderly. And means they’re less likely to slam shut, causing injury and distress.

The Drawbacks Associated with Fiberglass Doors

However, it’s not just enough to focus on the positives when reviewing the latest door options for the home. Let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks that some homeowners have discovered when installing fiberglass doors on their property:

  • Cost

One of the leading issues others have found with fiberglass doors is the cost of the product. Not simply for buying the door, but for the installation process, which can sometimes become more complex than would be when using other door styles. The cost of the fiberglass door should be a leading consideration if you’re planning to replace your system in the coming months.

  • System fitting

The complexity of the fiberglass door often means it’s better if you turn to a professional for the installation process. While other doors can be simple to install, fiberglass products require a level of precision that many homeowners might struggle to achieve without assistance.

The Benefits of Vinyl Doors

So now that you’ve learned a little more about fiberglass doors, let’s look at the value that vinyl doors can bring to your home. Vinyl doors are found across all types of neighborhoods and have been a popular choice for generations. The benefits of installing vinyl doors within your home include:

  • Cost-effective

Part of the reason that many now choose vinyl doors is that they’re the most cost-effective choice for homeowners. The product is offered at a broad price range to suit all homeowner requirements.

  • Low Maintenance

Another clear benefit of vinyl doors is that they are easy to maintain within the busy family home. You won’t have to commit to significant cleaning for the surface of the door, and the system holds up well to dirt and grime. Not only will this mean you’re taking on less maintenance work in the home, but it also means the door will continue to look its best throughout the year.

  • Range of Products

Perhaps one of the leading reasons so many are now adding vinyl doors is to their home is the broad range of options available. Because of the flexibility of vinyl as a material, the door designers can use their creativity to build a unique system for the home. When choosing vinyl options you’re likely to discover that ideal system within your budget.

The Drawbacks of Vinyl Doors

  • Limited insulation

One of the key drawbacks associated with vinyl doors is that, in some instances, they don’t include the required level of insulation to keep the home at the optimal temperature. This can sometimes mean that homeowners find their energy bills rise as heat and cold air cannot be kept within the home as effectively.

  • Can be scratched

Vinyl doors require very little maintenance, but they do scratch somewhat more easily than other products on the marketplace. This can be a key consideration for homes in which there is a large number of people using the door daily. Quality vinyl doors retain a high level of durability but can be scratched by keys, animals, and yard debris, which can impact their aesthetic value.

  • Lacks the appeal of natural products

Some homeowners find that vinyl lacks the appeal of natural wood products and other natural materials. However, it’s important to remember that natural products have their own drawbacks, which may include increased maintenance and costly repairs.

Keep These Elements in Mind When Choosing Doors

Now that you know a little more about both vinyl doors and fiberglass doors, take the time to review the following important elements before you make that final decision:

  • The manufacturer can make all the difference

Regardless of the relative quality of the vinyl and fiberglass products, the manufacturer will have its own unique production process. Carefully review the manufacturer and the supplier before choosing your door.

  • Take all the costs into consideration

Before reaching your final decision, ask the supplier of the door about the total cost for the system, including purchase, installation, and ongoing maintenance. This can help you to make sure that you’re making the right choice in the long term when investing in a new door for your home.

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