Many first-time homeowners are unaware of just how vital a role their windows play in their home’s energy bill. Energy-efficient doors and windows are not just the environmentally responsible thing to do, they are also capable of saving you a considerable amount of money over time. If you are wondering whether your windows and doors are saving, or costing you money, below are some things to consider.

Are Your Windows Saving Or Costing You Money

Higher Energy Cost

If you take a look at your windows and doors and don’t notice the energy star sticker on them, chances are they are old “technology” and are costing you money. Single pane glass is terrible at keeping the elements out, and you are probably keeping your house artificially cool and hot throughout the year because of them.

Leaks and Repairs

Energy-efficient doors and windows, by virtue of the fact that they are a newer technology, have, for the most part, been designed better than older doors and windows. Older windows are more likely to cause issues with the structural integrity of your home (water damage, allowing pests and other insects to enter your home, etc.) which will eventually have to be dealt with. If you have old windows, you might be saving the money new energy-efficient doors and windows would cost, but paying more in the long term to deal with the sorts of problems associated with out-of-date and old technology.

Total Failure

Old windows and doors are more likely to not be able to stand up to severe weather events, which might mean a serious amount of money to you when it comes time to make repairs and replacements. Damaging weather events are impossible to predict, but if you live in an area prone to these sorts of inclement weather, you are tempting fate keeping older windows in place.

Resale Value

Many prospective homebuyers in 2017 expect your home to have up-to-date energy-efficient doors and windows before even considering purchasing it. The mere fact that you have old, out-of-date windows may mean that people will either offer you less than what your home is really worth or discount your house entirely until you have new, modern, more energy-efficient, and robust windows.

Your windows might be costing you more money, both now and in the future, than you realize. If you are wondering how you can go about increasing the value of your home, cutting down on energy costs, and making your home all-around more secure, keep in mind the above considerations when it comes to your windows and doors.

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