When undertaking new window installation and choosing windows, homeowners must consider which window style and configuration is going to maximize the amount of natural light their home receives. Natural light just looks and feels good, and not having enough of it can really dampen the mood in a house. If you are planning your window installation and are trying to achieve the most natural light in your home, below are some recommendations to keep in mind.


Use Mirrors around Your Home

Mirrors reflect light, rather than absorb it, so hanging one on the wall opposite your window will reflect the natural light in all different directions and increase the amount of natural light distributed throughout a room. You can also purchase furniture with glass, mirrored, or chrome accents to help better distribute natural light throughout a room.

Brighten and Lighten Your Colour Palette

While it might look nice to have a rich, dark color in a room, lighter colors definitely do a much better job at reflecting natural light. It is a good idea to paint your walls with cool tones like blue-grays and taupes. Many people have no idea how big an impact a well-chosen color scheme can have on their natural light maximization.

Optimize Your Window Treatments

Many window treatments, such as roman shades, block out sunlight even when they are open. This is why you will often notice that people who have a lot of natural light in their homes use sheer draperies hung on rings that are easy to open and allow a lot more light in. Venetian blinds are also great choices for maximizing your natural light, and also allow you more control over the amount of light coming in.

Window Choice

If you talk to your window installation experts about the kinds of windows that will help you maximize your natural light, they will tell you that double-hung windows are your best bet for getting the most light. If you are really trying to let the sunshine in, a big bay window is going to let that natural light flood into your home. Keep in mind, however, that you are sacrificing privacy with some of the bigger windows on the market.

A home with a lot of natural light is usually one that feels more comfortable and peaceful to be in. Being surrounded by artificial light is not the most relaxing feeling in the world. Keep the above natural light maximization tips in mind during your next window installation and ensure your home is well lit, and more importantly, naturally lit.

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