Windows in a house or apartment are not just an aesthetic element. Double glazing plays a key role in energy efficiency, thermal insulation and overall comfort.

While it’s a fairly easy choice to make, it’s possible to make a mistake when buying double-glazed windows. To avoid making unfortunate blunders, check out the expert tips to help you make an informed purchase of vinyl windows that improve the functionality and performance of your homes.

Peculiarities of Canadian climate

Canada’s peculiar climate requires windows that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Experts are unanimous in recommending the use of high quality and durable vinyl double-glazed windows that can withstand the cold Canadian winters and hot summers.

To keep your home cozy in the cold and cool in the summer, choose multi-chambered glass with high insulation properties. Triple-pane windows with an extra layer of insulation are especially recommended in regions with harsh winters, such as Alberta. And remember, you won’t have any problems with your purchase. Our company’s office is located in Edmonton. We offer a variety of glazing models as well as doors with installation.

Budget estimation

Budget considerations are crucial when choosing vinyl windows. While investing in quality glass is a wise decision, it is still necessary to strike a balance between cost and product performance.

Experts advise:

  • weigh the pros and cons of the purchase;
  • consider all models in the catalog;
  • ask your managers any questions you may have.

Remember that the initial investment in energy efficient windows often translates into significant savings on utility bills in the long run. Consider the life of the windows and potential energy savings to estimate the overall cost effectiveness.

Our company offers vinyl models that last at least 25 years. However, as practice shows, the service life of the models significantly exceeds 50 years.

Desired characteristics and adaptability

Experts give advice on choosing glass based on the main characteristics of the models.

Energy efficiency

Look for windows with low U-values and high R-values, which indicate better insulation and energy efficiency. Triple-pane windows are a popular choice in colder climates, so they are ideal for Canadian homes.

Condensation control

In areas with high humidity or extreme temperature fluctuations, choose windows with built-in condensation controls to prevent moisture buildup.

Frame material

If we are talking about vinyl windows, there are different types of polymer frames. PVC frames are very popular due to their durability, low maintenance and thermal efficiency.

Design styles

Consider the architectural style of your home. Experts advise installing windows that not only enhance the aesthetics of the home, but also provide functionality. Common styles include:

  • deaf;
  • double-hung;
  • sliding windows.


If you live in a noisy neighborhood, purchase windows with soundproofing properties. Laminated glass and laminated insulation can significantly reduce external noise pollution, providing a quiet atmosphere in your home.

Security features

Prioritize safety with models that feature secure locking mechanisms and impact-resistant glass. Consult with our experts by calling our Edmonton office to select models that meet safety standards without sacrificing aesthetics.

Professional secrets of measurement

Before installing windows in houses and apartments, craftsmen take precise measurements, following certain rules and using specialized tools. The process of measuring window openings is carried out in several stages:

Use of laser rulers

Craftsmen often use laser distance meters to determine the exact dimensions of window openings. These devices allow to measure distances with high accuracy and take into account any irregularities in the opening.

Study of the geometry of the window opening

Professionals analyze the geometry of the window opening, taking into account angles and slopes. This is important for correct manufacturing of window constructions, especially in case of non-standard shapes of openings.

Consideration of thermal insulation and ventilation

When measuring, craftsmen pay attention to the thermal insulation and ventilation of the window opening. They assess whether additional seals or ventilation systems are needed to ensure proper air circulation and prevent heat leakage.

Checking the tightness of the opening

An important step is to check the tightness of the window opening. Specialists use special tools such as levels and measuring tapes to make sure that the opening is perfectly level and free of misalignment.

Data capturing

After careful measurements and analysis, the craftsmen record all data and prepare for ordering or fabricating the window structures. This information serves as the basis for the precise design and manufacture of the windows.

By following all these steps and using specialized measuring tools, craftsmen are able to provide accurate and reliable window designs that are perfectly suited for each specific window opening.

The importance of proper window installation

To ensure proper installation, insulation and energy efficiency, glass should only be installed by qualified professionals. Incorrect installation leads to:

  • to air leaks;
  • moisture damage;
  • reduced energy efficiency.

Weather protection

To avoid drafts, water penetration and energy loss when installing windows, it is necessary to ensure that they are properly sealed and weatherproofed. Our craftsmen use special sealants that reliably isolate possible gaps where air or moisture can penetrate.

Calculating the cost of window replacement

Several factors are considered when determining the cost of window replacement, including:

  • number of windows;
  • the type of glass selected;
  • complexity of the installation process.

Experts advise getting a detailed estimate including all costs such as materials, labor and disposal of old double-glazed windows. Remember that investing in professional installation, competently carried out by our craftsmen, guarantees the longevity and efficiency of your windows.

Increased comfort and efficiency

Choosing plastic windows for your Canadian home is a decision that affects your comfort, energy bills and overall living experience. By considering your climate, budget, desired model features, and relying on expert advice, you can make an informed and sure-fire choice.

With the right windows and our trusted Alberta based company, you get a comfortable installation, a cozy home without cold and drafts.

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