Rotting door frames are an unfortunate occurrence, but there is hope. A door replacement services company is the best defense against a rotting door frame. Rot, if left untreated, can lead to structural damage within your home’s foundation, and lead to a collapse in the area around the door.

What To Do If Your Door Frame Is Rotting

Finding the Rot

If you have a feeling that your door frame is rotting but aren’t exactly sure where to look closely at the wood. Using a screwdriver gently poke the door frame. Any area that is soft or has any give is where the rot is living. Also, look for areas on the door frame that are darker than the rest, or appear not to sit plumb within the frame. Moreover, rot comes with a smell and an unseemly look if it has been around for a while. Another good indication of rot is that your door isn’t opening or closing properly.

What Causes a Door Frame to Rot?

The majority of door frames are made of wood. Even if your entry door is made of steel or other materials, the door frame will still be made of wood. However, entry doors are exposed to the elements like rain, winds, ice, snow, and heat. For the most part, your door frame will be able to stand up to these environmental factors for years. But, over time the quality of the wood will deteriorate, and eventually, the wood will rot. Moisture is the culprit when it comes to rot because it infiltrates wood and causes its destruction. When moisture penetrates into the door frame, fungi grow and break down the wood. When wood breaks down it becomes soft and decomposes.

Call a Door Replacement Services Company

Trying to repair a rotting door frame on your own can lead to more damage. A door replacement services company will remove the rot and replace the door, leaving it looking better than ever. A professional company can also use techniques to prevent future wood rot, such as staining and sealing the exposed wood. You can attempt to paint the door yourself but any crack in the paint or spots you missed, no matter how small they are, will allow water to permeate the wood, leading to more rot. Instead, let the professional door replacement service technicians take care of the problem.

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