According to a study published by the American Academy of Paediatrics, 5000 children fell from the windows each year between 1990 and 2008. You can avoid this happening to your child by taking some precautions with your windows. Some of the common windows that need childproofing are hung doors, sliding windows, and casement windows. Some of the methods for childproofing are specific to the type of window you have; other methods can be applied in general.

How To Childproof Your Windows

Window Wedge

This is a type of window stop that can be used with hung and sliding windows. The window wedge wedges the window shut, preventing your child from climbing or falling through. You can install them easily with no special tools and they are made of durable plastic material. If you need to leave your window open, allow for no more than four inches in width.

Charley Bars

The charley bar might be old-fashioned, but it still works. In a vertical position, the window moves freely; horizontally it keeps the window shut. Charley bars are ideal for sliding windows and, as the window wedge, are easy to install.

Childproofing Crank Windows

The handle on crank windows can be detached. You can simply unscrew the crank handle or just pull it right off (without damaging it). If you need to open the window again, simply re-attach the handle.

Window Guards

Window guards are essentially bars that are fixed on to the window to prevent your child from falling through. One example of a window guard is The Guardian Angel Window Guard, which is designed to fit just about any type of window.

Window Sills

Parents should also be mindful of window sills because children can hit their heads on the sharp edges. There is no way to protect your child from the window sill entirely apart from restricting access.

If a window has already been damaged, it is best to replace the window—preferably with one that can be easily childproofed. It is impossible to eliminate all dangers from your home, but taking precautionary steps to make your windows safer will certainly help reduce the risks that your child faces each day. If you would like to learn more about window safety, be sure to get in touch with our staff.

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