Cleaning marker and crayon off of most surfaces are relatively easy compared to other stains, but unfortunately the same can’t be said when it’s on your windows. Because of the waxy residue in crayons and the moisture in markers, the material usually smears around windows instead of easily wiping away.

How To Clean Marker And Crayon Off Your Windows

However, there are a few tricks to use when cleaning these products off your windows.

Cleaning Crayons Marks

Crayons are made of paraffin wax and color pigment, and because the wax is pliable even as a solid, it can be used to write on a variety of surfaces; luckily, glass is a smooth surface. As a result, a crayon stain doesn’t permeate deep into the glass.

There are two parts to removing a crayon stain from windows: the hardened blob and the oily residue. It’s possible to scrape large globs of wax off the glass, but it should be done with care so that you don’t scratch the glass, meaning you should avoid using hard or sharp objects, such as a knife. While scraping the crayon off, use short, controlled movements so that the scraper doesn’t accidentally leave a mark on the window trim. Finally, gently sweep up under the window afterward so the shavings don’t cause a further mess.

For the oily residue, there are a number of solvents that make its removal a simple job, such as WD40 or spray-on furniture polish; however, some companies will manufacture crayons designed for use on windows, and they’re meant to be easy to wash off using soapy warm water and a soft cloth.

Wiping Off Grease Pencil Markings

Grease pencils are made of hardened grease, which is why they’re so easy to write with compared to crayons. It’s probably the simplest mark to clean off, although it’s advised to use a dampened cotton ball or paper towel in order to prevent smearing the stain.

Marker Messes

Erasable markers are easier to clean because of the way they work at the atomic level, the marker’s ink prefers to bond with itself over slick surfaces, such as a whiteboard or glass; however, when written on paper, the porous material will absorb the ink, making it difficult to erase. An erasable marker can be wiped off using a soft, dry cloth.

Permanent markers can be much trickier, but with the right cleaning solution and a bit of scrubbing, it should be removable. Rubbing alcohol or acetone are suitable solvents, which should be applied directly to the cloth/napkin/cotton ball. Apply pressure directly to the ink and continue to scrub until gone.

Unlike most surfaces in your home, windows are some of the easiest to clean. Keep the above-mentioned products on hand to wipe surfaces with as soon as an issue arises and they’ll be sure to remain in perfect condition!

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