The importance of proper selection and timely installation of double-glazed windows in every house and apartment cannot be underestimated. Peace River, which is characterized by moderately cold climatic conditions and increased precipitation, is the city where our company conducts quality installation of vinyl windows and doors.

Our glass windows are a reliable defense against the piercing wind, cold, and rain that will never enter your home when our triple pane windows are installed. Our North Windows and Doors Technologies offers the best vinyl models for your unique region.

Our company, headquartered in Edmonton, specializes in double and triple glazing installation. We are ready to share some unique benefits with you. Our double-glazed windows provide reliable thermal insulation, which is especially important in harsh winters. They also offer a high degree of soundproofing, ensuring peace and quiet in your home.

Thanks to special protective films on the glass, your interiors will be protected from ultraviolet radiation, preventing fading of furniture and materials. In addition, our double-glazed windows are equipped with safety elements, making your home more secure from accidents and unwanted intruders.

Practical benefits of double-glazed windows

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages you get when you order our laminated glass.

No drafts

With quality double-glazed windows such as ours, your home will be protected from blowing and drafts. Windows installed by us, not only preserve your health by preventing the appearance of mold and fungus on the frames and surrounding walls, but also contribute to improving the overall microclimate in the room. There will be no unpleasant dampness in the rooms, which becomes a trigger for the appearance of seasonal colds.

Savings on monthly payments

No blowing means significant savings on heating. Statistics persistently show a 10% to 30% reduction in heating costs per month for the rooms of a house or apartment.

Buying our triple glazing is an investment that will pay off over time, provide you with comfort and reduce forced costs. After paying for the purchase, over time of using triple pane windows, you will gradually get your money back. So by ordering vinyl windows from us, you are making a smart investment in future profits.


The protective films on our glasses protect the interior from UV light, which causes fading of furniture and deteriorates the overall appearance of the room. You won’t have to worry about faded interiors.

UV film also protects rooms from overheating that can occur in the summer heat.

Our window installation company equips double-glazed windows with special child locks. Toddlers will not be able to open the window on their own, which is important as a powerful security element for families with children. Such useful additions will help prevent accidents.

Please note! Our vinyl double-glazed windows with heavy-duty metal frames are as strong as possible. They are virtually impossible to break, providing protection from the elements and vandals who want to break into your home.

Interesting features of vinyl windows

Between the panes of our insulating glass units, inert gases such as:

  • argon,
  • krypton,
  • xenon.

They make the designs more practical and efficient.

Thermal insulation

Inert gases have low thermal conductivity, which means that they do not conduct heat well. By filling the insulating glass unit with such a gas, an additional thermal barrier is created between the interior and exterior environment. This significantly reduces heat loss and increases the energy efficiency of the windows.


Inert gases also help to improve noise insulation. They reduce the transmission of sound through the glazing unit, making the windows more soundproof and helping to reduce outside noise.

Condensation prevention

These glazing fillings help prevent condensation on the inside of windows during cold weather. This is important for maintaining a comfortable indoor climate and preventing damage to window frames and finishes.

Environmental friendliness and safety

Inert gases are absolutely safe for human health and the environment. They do not react with other substances and do not emit harmful poisons.

Technologically advanced filling with special gases significantly improves the performance of windows, making them more practical, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Professional installation – a guarantee of reliability

Mounting or installing double-glazed windows is a precise and complex process that requires professionalism. Here we will reveal the fascinating details of how our skilled craftsmen transform buildings and homes by installing vinyl windows.

Precise measurements

The work starts with precise measurements. Professionals use advanced laser technology to ensure that each frame and glazing unit fits perfectly, taking into account all irregularities in the structure.


One of the secrets of durability of our double-glazed windows is professional sealing. Professionals apply with special care a special sealant that ensures 100% watertightness of plastic constructions. Such sealing not only prevents draughts, but also protects:

  • from moisture intrusion;
  • dampness in your homes;
  • the bitter cold.

Quality Guarantees

Before completing the work, our experts conduct a thorough quality check to identify any deficiencies, ensuring that the final product meets strict industry standards. You can rest assured that the work performed will not have to be redone and the glazing units will not have to be repaired!

Aesthetic finishing

In addition to functionality, aesthetics play an important role. Specialists take architectural nuances into account, ensuring that the installation enhances the overall visual appeal of the building or house. They carry out the work with the utmost care. After installation, there are no unsightly spots of dirt or sticky sealant on the frames. The structures are perfectly clean and attractive.

The installation of vinyl windows by our craftsmen is meticulous work, a symphony of precision, sealing expertise, and aesthetic sophistication.

Our craftsmen are not just window installers, but experts at transforming rooms into more comfortable, energy efficient, and visually pleasing spaces for comfortable living.

How the cost is calculated

Today, the cost of window replacement is multifaceted and involves careful consideration of many factors. The size of the window is of paramount importance. Larger frames require more materials, which increases the cost of the products. The type of glass also plays a very important role. Traditional, low-emissivity or thermal glass have different costs. Therefore, before placing an order:

  1. Ask our managers about the cost of different types of glass;
  2. choose the right one;
  3. then place an order.

The price includes the cost of installation services and its complexity.

With us, the price of window replacement is calculated depending on the model you choose. We install swing, sliding, suspended double-glazed windows, as well as bay and arched triple glazing. Each client receives a favorable offer and a lifetime warranty on purchased products.

For the best windows at North Windows and Doors Technologies!

When looking for superior and durable windows, look no further than North Windows and Doors Technologies by Canglow models. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a window, you’re getting a promise – a lifetime warranty that underscores our confidence in the durability and resistance of our products to the rigors of climate and heavy use.

Imagine windows that not only beautify your space, but also help you save money. Our double-glazed windows, created with advanced technology, significantly reduce your utility bills, giving you even more reasons to be happy!

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