If you are planning on having windows installed in Edmonton, then it is important to note that your windows will only be as good as the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Furthermore, the warranty for said windows will only be as good as the actual window installation services provided. In fact, most manufacturers will actually not honor a window warranty if the windows were not properly installed by the window replacement enterprise that you hired.

As such, you may not only have to deal with a bill for the new windows but also with costs incurred for the replacement windows. To avoid such issues, there are several warning signs that you should look for so that you can notify your contractor quickly before paying them for their services.

You Find Gaps Between the Frame and Sill

In order for a window to fit properly in the window opening, it must be measured in the proper manner. As such, if you detect any gaps between the frame and the sill, then it means that the window was not measured accurately. If the aforementioned scenario occurs, then you will need to contact the window manufacturer in order to determine what their return policies are on their windows when the problem is caused by a mistake made by the contractor.

You Notice Water and/or Draft Damage

It is not normal for water or air to penetrate your windows. As such, if you notice a draft as you walk past your new windows, then it is a sign that something went wrong during installation. That is, if you detect a draft, then it means that there is an insulation issue, which will not only lead to your home being too cold during the winter but will also cause a spike in your heating bill.

In regards to water damage, telltale signs include foul odors, bubbling wallpaper or paint, mold that is readily apparent, and pools of water on the floor. Water damage, in particular, is something that needs to be rectified as soon as possible because it can not only damage property via deterioration or erosion but can also lead to rot and mold that can actually be detrimental to your physical well-being.

Your Windows Don’t Close or Open as they Should

In most cases, if your window closes and opens with ease, then it means that the window was installed properly. However, if the window was not installed or measured using the proper techniques, then it will likely be difficult to close and open as intended. As such, if you notice that it is hard to open and close your windows just hours after they were installed, then the problem will only get worse as time passes. As such, we would highly recommend that you contact your window manufacturer as soon as you can, as ignoring the matter for years may cause the warranty on the windows to expire.

You Notice that the Caulking is Uneven and Messy

Caulking is designed to seal and weather-proof windows in order to prepare a home for the winter. Hence, the top and sides should have an evenly distributed layer of caulk that is visible to the naked eye, while the bottom edge should never be caulked in order to allow for water to leak out. However, if a window is not caulked properly around its exterior, then you will likely notice caulk that is not only unevenly placed, but also patchy and even messy in some cases.

Moreover, if you notice caulking that is uneasy and messy, it is highly likely that there may be additional issues that emerged while the windows were installed, so we advise that you inspect the windows thoroughly for other red flags.

You Detect Fog Between Your Window Panes

In some cases, condensation may form between the window panes. More often than not, condensation issues are brought on by improper window installations or seal failure. Thus, if you detect condensation that you cannot eliminate via a thorough cleaning of the window’s exterior, then it is likely that the window seal was damaged while the window was being installed.

As such, it is advisable that you check for issues soon after your windows have been installed, as it will be easier and more affordable to repair a failed seal when the issue has been caught soon after the installation.

In sum, if you detect any of the aforementioned issues discussed in this article, you should contact the original contractor to find out if they would be willing to fix the error. Most contractors care about the satisfaction of their customers and will be more than happy to rectify the issue at their expense and as soon as possible.

However, if they are unwilling to fix the issue, you may need to call a licensed window installer in the area who will not only remove your windows but also reinstall them according to the strict guidelines outlined by the window manufacturer.

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